10 Ways to Start Taking Better Care of Yourself Today!

Hey you. Are you not taking care of yourself again? Are you feeling emotional, stressed, tired, depressed, like no one cares? Are you ready to give up? Is your cup an empty ocean? How about lost in a wasteland? Guess what? It’s time you started taking better care of yourself. Seriously, you need to do this for yourself because if you don’t you will be no good to anyone or for anything.


Let’s not waste any more time, here’s what you need to do:


10 Ways to  Start Taking Better Care of Yourself


1. Realize that you too have needs and those needs are just as important as anyone else’s. In fact, right now they should be the only thing you’re thinking about.


2. Stop putting everyone else ahead of you. If they truly love you, they won’t want you to do that either. Very likely if you are the type of person always putting your loved ones ahead of you, they’re pretty annoyed and sick of you not taking care of you all the time too.


3. Make some time for YOU. AKA take yourself or for a date. Ooh la la, when’s the last time you got dressed up to leave your house to go out with just yourself? What will you do, you ask?  Do whatever makes you feel good. Go to the mall. Go to the park and read. Go let your feet sink into the sand at the beach. Do something for you and only you.


4. Share with your loved ones what you need from them. Maybe it’s time that your loved ones step up and help you out. Tell them what you need. Is it help cleaning, doing laundry, going out for dinner, being left for some alone time? Whatever it is, ask for help. Don’t be stubborn. This is your life and your wellbeing at stake.  


5. Practice Gratitude. Give yourself a quiet reminder of all the things in your life that make you happy and that you’re thankful for. Indulge in your treasures, Connect with a higher source to gain energy.


6. Take better care of your health. Tired? Lethargic? When’s the last time you took a brisk walk or made a home cooked meal? Get back to the true source and feed your body real nourishment and energy. You’re worth it.


7. Be more open to the loved ones in your life. Ah yes, stop being so closed off. Deal with that stress, don’t take it out on the people you love. Let them back into your heart space. Relax and open yourself up to good loving energy.


8. Get out into nature. Enjoy the smell of blooming flowers and sunshine on your face. Get some vitamin D. Humans are meant to be outside in nature. It is the best therapy there is.


9. Be mindful of your thoughts. That’s right, stop overthinking and allowing your mind to wander to toxic places. Be mindful of your thoughts. Stay in the present moment and enjoy your Life because no one else can do that for you.


10. Make your health and happiness a priority to be the best that you can be for the other people in your life. It is important that you put your own well being above others. It’s not selfish. It’s the opposite. When you are happy and healthy it encourages the people around you to be the same. It’s good for everyone.


Come on now, what are you waiting for? It’s time to start taking better care of yourself, don’t you think?


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