Hello and Welcome to Love Wide Open…the art of holding heart space.

I am Heidi Dellaire, the founder of Love Wide Open.  The idea came to me as a concept after recovering from a very toxic and painful relationship many years ago.  I was walking the beach on Sanibel Island in Florida talking to myself and really feeling my heart speak to me.  At the very moment I felt my heart want to close, I looked down and saw a conch shell splayed open in the form of a heart and I heard the words, “Love Wide Open”.  My heart did not close at all.  Instead, it expanded.  I knew what I must do.  I must keep my heart open.  I must be brave.  I must remain vulnerable and trust that by loving myself, I would continue to be able to love others.  I had to Love Wide Open.  I had to never be afraid that life might throw me some punches, but that I was strong enough to survive them and that I would survive and thrive more with a loving heart than a closed one.

It has become my mission to keep my heart open to myself and others.  I believe that by showing love, compassion and empathy for ourselves that we can then have the same for others and all living things on the earth.  Love Wide Open is a journey.  It’s a journey into the places that we hide in and keep closed off to ourselves and others.  Love Wide Open is the safe place for you to discover your inner self and to truly love all of you.

In my late thirties, I began to feel a disconnect between my corporate job and my heart.  This disconnect racked my body with illness and pain.  This began the start of my spiritual journey to heal myself, rekindle my passions and inspire myself to use my gifts to heal others.  I pursued a career in alternative healing modalities and hold certifications in massage therapy, craniosacral therapy, Reiki, Ayurvedic Medicine and Healing Light therapy.

I am a Heart-based Thought Leader, Heart Space Coach, Alternative Health Therapies Practitioner/Coach, Intuitive Healer, Licensed Massage Therapist, Registered Ayurvedic Practitioner, Entrepreneur and the Creative Writer/Designer and Founder of all things Love Wide Open.  Mostly, I just love people.

I am blessed with the gift for connecting people back to their hearts through my healing work at Blue Owl Bodyworks (my private practice in Maine) as well as through writing and inspirational posts/videos at Love Wide Open (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube).  It’s been my mission since a small child to treat every living thing with love and compassion.   I am now spreading that gift of love out into the world by simply speaking and living my truth through vulnerability, authenticity, and leading with an open heart.  I am a modern-day love slinger.

This website is not really about me.  It’s about you and where you want to journey with your heart.  

I am here to keep the heart space open for you to be able to learn to love yourself at your own pace…to help you get out of your head and back into your heart.

MY BOOK: Roots and Tendrils

If you have ever loved and been loved then you will understand the highs of love and the depths of heartbreak that love can bring. My poetry book, Roots and Tendrils,  that takes you on a journey through these highs and lows and ultimately delivers you to self-discovery is available now on Amazon.

Heidi Dellaire Roots and Tendrils
Roots and Tendrils is a poetic journey through the highs of love’s discovery to the depths of heartbreak and the self-discovery it all brings. Anyone who has ever loved or been loved will connect and understand.


I offer online or over the phone, one-to-one, heart space coaching sessions. We will look at your goals to open your heart(or any other aspect of your life), what needs to change, and steps to move into an open heart space. Most coaching comes in package deals. I work mostly with highly sensitive people, empaths, intuitives, recovering people pleasers, perfectionists, fixers, etc., who want to learn how to love themselves again and set healthy boundaries for a loving future. If you would like to work with me, please contact me at this email address:  or visit my WORK WITH ME page.


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