How to Take Responsibility for Your Life and Show Up for Yourself

News Flash! You are 100% responsible for your own life. That’s right. YOU are responsible for it. The universe gave you this life to do what you want with it and make it what you desire. So take responsibility for your life and show up for yourself. When you take responsibility for your life, you start to and ultimately do achieve your dreams.


So what happens when we don’t take responsibility for your own life? We blame outside circumstances or people for our failures. We make excuses for ourselves. You have a choice. This can be a miserable life or you can make yourself a life filled with abundance and joy and ultimately achieve your highest aspirations and dreams. How do you do it? Let’s get real and get to it.

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Take Responsibility. NO MORE EXCUSES!


Excuses easily fuel dysfunctional thinking. With every excuse you make about your choices in life, your failures, or your lack of accomplishments, you set yourself up for continued undesirable behaviors and actions. People who make continual excuses instead of taking responsibility are the people who continue to fail in both their personal and professional lives.


When we make excuses, we reinforce the negative voice or voices in our head. It will run an endless recording of unsatisfactory outcomes and dissatisfaction over and over again. It becomes nauseating and toxic.


Every time you hear yourself starting to make an excuse or starting to blame your outcome on someone or something else, stop yourself and reroute that thought. Remind yourself…no excuses.




What works to combat those negative thoughts? Positive thinking and goal setting. Positive thinking fuels positive habits.


Nothing is holding you back from your dreams but you. Not your mom, not your family, not your stupid boss. No one but you. Want a better job? Then act like you have one. Do the research, hustle for the knowledge, make new acquaintances in the field. Start acting like you truly want it and already have it.


Want to have an amazing relationship? Then act like an amazing partner. Stop with the control. You can’t have what you don’t possess inside of you.


Every day matters. Live each moment as if it matters, because it certainly does. The choices you make create the life you are living and will live in the future.


Your thoughts matter. We are what we think we are. If you think you are a pathetic loser, well guess what? If you think you are highly successful and can accomplish your goals, then guess what? Your thoughts either support you and your endeavors or they sabotage you with negativity and toxic thinking.


If your thought patterns tend to be unsupportive or negative towards your success and happiness, then you need to make a mental shift. Also, be gentle with yourself in the process. Don’t beat yourself up, but course correct towards more powerful, positive thoughts. It’s almost comical how much time we can obsess over past events. Let them go. They don’t serve you any longer.


YOU are 100% responsible for your life. Get out there and set some amazing goals for yourself.  BE the amazing person you are capable of being. Your positivity and unshakeable determination will get you there.  We would love to know how you are taking responsibility for your life.

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Article was written by Heidi Dellaire

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