10 Tips for a Healthier Life

If you want a healthier life then this blog is for you!

Here are 10 ways toward a healthier life.

Journal your journey– Have you ever noticed that the word journal and journey have the same root words? Keeping a journal is extremely helpful in understanding the world around you. According to the University of Rochester, journaling is, in fact, good for mental health and can help you manage anxiety and stress as well as cope with depression. Try to write in your journal every day. If you cannot think of anything to write about, try writing about a loved one instead.

Meditate– Meditation, like journaling, is helpful in managing anxiety, depression, and stress. It also has been known to help cure addiction and manage more mental problems as well. Find a quiet place and sit. Relax the body and close your eyes. Breathe normally and focus on your breathing. Do not direct your thoughts anywhere besides your breathing. Begin in small Increments of time and then slowly increase as you see fit.

Daily Exercise– There’s not much to say here. You are all likely aware of how important it is to move on a daily basis. Daily exercise, even if it’s just a simple walk outside is good for the mind, body, and soul. It’s known to decrease your risk of heart disease, diabetes, and stroke. It is perhaps the single most important piece to the puzzle of good health. Getting out on a daily basis to exercise is easier said than done. Start by taking a small walk each day. Like anything else, the most important aspect of creating a habit is to make yourself do it every day for a period of time.

Yoga– Yoga is a good one because it’s good for the body and the mind. It is a good combination of exercise and meditation. It also teaches you to push the limits of your capabilities and to learn new techniques. Joining a yoga class is also a great way to meet new like-minded people and make new friends.

That actually brings us to our next category.

Associate with like-minded people–  It is important to surround yourself with healthy, positive individuals seeking the same healthy goals as you. We tend to take on the energies of the people we surround ourselves with. If you surround yourself with friends who have given into addiction or eat junk food, then we are more likely to do those things when we hang out with them.

Get plenty of rest– Sleep is good for the brain. When we are in REM sleep, our brains process the world around us. When we don’t get adequate sleep, we don’t correctly process the world. Lack of sleep has a direct correlation to depression, anxiety, and diseases, such as heart disease and diabetes.

Evacuate all the junk food from your house– Get rid of all the triggers in your house. Throw away the chips and the Little Debbies from the cabinets and instead fill your fridge with fresh vegetables and healthy foods that are easily accessible. You are what you eat. How many times have you heard that statement?

Join the gym– This category goes back to: surround yourself with like-minded people. Going to the gym is a great way to meet people who have similar if not the same health goals as you do. When you associate with people on the same path it can be very encouraging. They can help you when you were down and vice versa. Joining the gym is a good way to meet people like this. It’s also a good way to have access to classes and equipment that you might not have access to at home.

Cut out processed foodsProcessed foods are terrible for you. Cut them out of your diet and you will be amazed at the amount of increased energy you have.

Find a source of inspiration–  Find something healthy that you love to do and do it all the time. Life is short and if you come across something that makes you happy, why not do it?  If you love dogs, consider volunteering your time at the animal shelter. Nothing feels better knowing that you’re making a difference or doing something that you love.

We wish you much luck in your journey of health and fitness. Comment below and let us know if this article helped you with your goals!

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