3 Types of People that Cause You Pain and How to Find the Good As a Result

We all have experiences in which we meet people who have a negative impact on our lives. Some will break your heart. Some will lie or criticize and try to tear you down. Some will physically assault, rape, and or do other unspeakable things that have torn you apart. There are all kinds of people that cause you pain. 


While it is true that very few people escape such experiences in their lifetime and that these people wound us deeply, there is also good that can be salvaged from the rubble. Here are three types of people that cause you pain and how you can find a good outcome as a result.


The 3 Types of People That Cause You Pain


The Abandoner – People who deceive you and then leave you. This is one of the most painful lessons in life. It is the number one cause of a broken heart. It’s the person who fills you up with love and kisses and tells you they’ll give you the world if you give them yours, but when you do they take it and run. Most of the time this person will take something away from you or destroy your life, your marriage, family, career etc. They will offer you the world, but in reality, they just want to get close enough to you to steal yours.


As awful as this experience is to have, these people are sometimes a necessity in your life. In order for any kind of real change to take place, you must begin with pain. The pain acts as the current that pushes you along. You might not realize this, but these people often clear space in your life and your heart for the experiences, and the people, that are actually meant to be in your life. They are the catalyst that ultimately will bring you to your true place.


The Narcissist – Here’s one we have talked a lot about. The Narcissistic person will not only tear you down and rob you of your identity, but they will emotionally manipulate you and twist you around to the point where you do not know if it’s you or them that’s crazy.


When you have been victimized by a Narcissistic personality, recovery is a long painful process. There is a light at the end of the tunnel! When you come out on the other side, you will have a sense of freedom that is so strong others around you have likely not experienced. You will learn to take pride in doing things for yourself and following your own direction again. You have the opportunity to become who you want to be with worlds opened up in you that you were convinced had vanished.


The Sociopath – Sociopaths, and people who have brought violence to your life are a tough egg to crack when it comes to finding a good outcome as a result. This is mostly due to the fact that they cause such raw pain in your life. Think about this: some people are just bad people that like to hurt others for no good reason, that’s the sociopath. This is a tough pill to swallow and it is hard to see, let alone admit, that there isn’t any good from such experiences as you will have with a sociopath.  The research on sociopaths is hard to fathom. 


When you are victimized by a sociopath, the victim must be the good that comes from the experience. They must take their experience and use it to make a good change in the world. For example, if you are a victim of rape or assault, you can use your experience to help others going through the same experience. The good out of the bad in particular situation is you and the good you choose to bring to the world as a result.


If you are going through a devastation caused by one of these personality types, rest assured that you are not alone.  Also, what you are experiencing is a storm and storms, like anything else, come to an end eventually. When the storm subsites, beauty is discovered.

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