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Creating Peace Within
Creating Peace Within Course
I have a course called Creating Peace Within. It is an 8-week online course that guides you to a more peaceful place in your being. The modules and exercises guide you in ways that will assist you in reducing anxiety, stress, and fear.
I hope that you will join me. Enroll now to create more peace within and truly find your inner self.
Check out all of the modules and content here: Creating Peace Within
What’s even better is that there are live calls to discuss questions and topics introduced throughout the course. You, as early participants, get to help shape what the bonuses will be. I look forward to getting to know more of you and spending some amazing time together as creators of peace.
Sending lots of love. ~Heidi Dellaire, the creator of Love Wide Open


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Roots and Tendrils by Heidi Dellaire, the creator of Love Wide Open, is a poetic journey through the highs of love’s discovery to the depths of heartbreak and the self-discovery that brings you to the ultimate self-love. Anyone who has ever loved or been loved will connect and understand.

Roots and Tendrils Book

You can also find more in-depth information about the book at

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