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Get these Special Limited Availability Holding Space Sessions with Heidi Dellaire while they last. Are you just really needing someone to talk to during these challenging times? Heidi has opened up her schedule with these special sessions so that you have a place to be seen, heard and understood through an objective lens. These sessions are outside of her Heart Space Coaching Package Sessions. Click the photo for more details or you can go straight to scheduling an appointment here: Holding Space Sessions SchedulerHolding Space Sessions

Roots and Tendrils by Heidi Dellaire, the creator of Love Wide Open, is a poetic journey through the highs of love’s discovery to the depths of heartbreak and the self-discovery that brings you to the ultimate self-love. Anyone who has ever loved or been loved will connect and understand.

Roots and Tendrils Book

You can also find more in-depth information about the book at


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