Are You Sensitive to The Energy of the Moon?

WOW, is all I can say concerning the energy of the moon(super moon) and eclipse  on January 31.  Did you feel that?  I feel like I got tossed into a spin cycle the last few days and have finally come up for air.  It feels like I am a little underwater.  There are so many emotions that have come about during this Super Moon cycle.  This month was a constant battle to keep my energy within me.  I was grounding every few days.

This moon cycle was special, a super blue moon(second full moon in a month) that passed through the earth’s shadow to create the reddish hue…the blood moon.  It’s energy will linger for the next few days.   Did you feel like you got a kick in the pants to fulfill all of the dreams and hard work that you have been churning away on over the last 6 months?   Not only did we have the energy of the full moon, but we also had an eclipse.  Eclipses are messengers of change.  They bring everything right up to speed and throw it in our faces to say, “this change is inevitable and I am going to push you in a new direction or faster in the direction you were headed.

Not only do eclipses bring about change, but they reveal and shadow or secrets that may be lurking about for us.  They let us see our true selves or the true selves of others. We have a couple of choices with the energy of the moon revealed to us.  We can run away from it all or we can take on the challenge of forging forward on a new path from all of the work that we have been doing.

This super blue blood moon reminds us to let go of our ego, take stock of what we are good at, to use our unique gifts, to embrace the fear and be courageous , to delve into our creative selves, to be bold and to love above all else.

I can honestly say, I am sensitive to the energy of the moon and feel like all of the hard work I have been doing on my creative projects will come to fruition or I will be led down an even more exciting path because I am staying open to all that the universe is about to bring.  What an adventure life is.

SCROLL DOWN and CLICK “LET”S PLAY” and take a fun quiz to find out how sensitive you are to the energy of the moon.

Written by Heidi Dellaire

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