The Profound Effects of Nature on the Soul

Are you aware of the effects of nature on the soul?


The best gifts in life do not cost money. In fact, they are free and always available for the taking, but far too often they are taken for granted instead.


These gifts come in many forms, but all have a common theme- a nourishment for the soul. Nature is power. That sensation when the wind sweeps through our hair or the sound of a wave breaks on shore after a storm at the ocean is power. The creaking of a branch breaking in the wind; birds chirping; the grass, warm and padded beneath the feet, that is power.


Today we want to challenge you. The challenge we offer you is this: to reach out and claim this power. You can do this because you too contain this power within you. How is that possible? Simple. You are a part of nature. You are a gift from the universe to the world.


According to science, being present in nature has healing power both for the mind and the body. It can ignite the spirit, nourish the soul, heal the body, and vitalize the mind. Whatever you put out into nature comes back. If you put out good vibes, you’re sure to get good vibes in return. If you put out negative vibes, beware their return.


But the title of this blog is Of Nature and the Soul. The Soul, as you can imagine, is a subjective topic to write or talk about. What exactly is the Soul and what exactly is meant by nature, right?  So many meaning can be derived from both these things. Whereas the Soul is classified as the immaterial part of the human experience, nature is the all that is material and thing present in the worldly realm.


What we are talking about here is the relationship between two concepts that are opposite in almost every way, yet are not in opposition, but on the contrary, when paired, they create an unexplained and powerful phenomenon. Here are a few examples:


The power to heal

The power to revitalize

The power of imagination and vision  

The power of thought

The power to teach


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When brought together, nature and the soul comprise the power to heal both physical and mental wounds. There have been true scientific accounts of this phenomena. So many in fact that it’s impossible to account for them all.


What does the science show us? Nature relieves anxiety, denotes peaceful thinking, increases mental function and decreases depression. Science or no science, however, you decide to look at it, one thing is for certain: we have an unexplained interconnection with nature that is a source of power to humans. The power comes not from nature itself, but by the will of the human to conceive it. Nature has no conscious mind. It does what it does. The waves will wash over skin or onshore and it makes no difference to the waves. But to the human, it makes all the difference in the world.


If this is the case, how can it be a teacher then? The answer is nature to the human can be an unbiased journey of self-discovery. St. Bernard de Clairvaux once says:“Believe one who knows; you will find something greater in woods than in books. Trees and stones will teach you that which you can never learn from masters.”


What is the force that binds us with nature? Is it pure soul? Is it God or pure energy? Go out for a long walk on the most beautiful day of the year and try to say your mind and body have not been revitalized?


So here is your challenge: go out today, right now, and ignite your inner state of being with the rich power of nature by your side. Harness the effects of nature on your soul.  Comment below and let us know how you do!

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