Life Is Short – Five Reasons You Should Follow Your Dreams

Life is short, no doubt about it. Many people think that their dreams have become obsolete. Life has a funny way of moving us into directions that we never planned on taking before. We think because we work full-time and or have a family at home to take care of means we don’t have the time to do what makes us happy or to follow our hearts. People are afraid to follow their dreams because they’re afraid they might fail. But as we mentioned in the title of this article, life is short and it is certainly far too short not to give it a shot. After all, it’s the experience that matters the most.

Here are five reasons why you should follow your dreams because…life is short. 

So you will never have regrets

If you don’t try, you will never know if you would have been able to make it successful. You don’t ever want to put yourself in a situation where you have regrets either for living the life that you did live or not living the life that you wanted to live. At least this way you can say you tried your best and gained a hell of a lot of experience along the way.


Live by example for others

If you don’t do it for yourself, do it for your kids…or your loved ones… or for whoever else that is in your life who looks up to you. Living your dream can be inspiring to the people around you. It’s not about succeeding or not succeeding, it’s about being brave, believing in yourself, and being willing to take chances in your life.


You will get better at what you do

Pursuing a dream inevitably makes you better. If you’re a writer and you’re trying to get published, you’ll realize it’s time to bring your writing to the next level. If you’re a painter, if you’re a designer, business owner, it doesn’t matter,  at some point, you will realize that growth is needed along the way. What better way to learn to swim than to go swimming?


So you can find your Life Purpose

When we pursue our dreams we often find that the path of pursuit leads us to unexpected places. We may set out to find silver and discover that we’ve reached gold instead. Dreams lead us to our true destination. In other words, the dream is only the beginning. The dream is the path, the life, the journey, the true purpose is the conclusion.


Spiritual awakening

The last and perhaps most important reason to follow your dreams is that your dreams will lead you to a place of spiritual awakening. In order to follow your dreams, you must experience some sort of faith. Faith is the foundation of spiritual growth and soul development. You must learn to believe in yourself and follow your heart in order to experience true love and happiness.

Elizabeth Gilbert would be pushing us to find our Big Magic.  Believe in your dreams and follow your creative heart.  Your dreams can come true if you follow them with love and passion.  We hope you are inspired to get out there and pursue your wildest dreams.

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