4 Reasons Why a Romantic Relationship With Your Twin Flame is Hard

If you think you may have met your twin flame and are thinking about becoming romantically involved, it is important to understand that for as beautiful and unique and intense that this relationship is, it can also be extremely painful. When you hold so much passion inside of you, the release of that passion may be amazing, but it also may be destructive when intensified or may become beyond your ability to contain.  Divine timing is required for a twin flame connection to play out. 


Here are 4 Reasons Why Being in a Romantic Relationship With Your Twin Flame is Hard.


  1. Intensity– sure intensity in romantic relationships is a good thing, but like any fire, when it gets too powerful it can be extremely destructive. In fact, it can cause a lot of pain and hardships for the people around you. The same can be true of a romantic uniting with your twin flame. On one hand, it can be beautiful and intense, while on the other hand, it can wreak havoc and severe destruction.                                                                                                
  2. The Mirror Image– think about your experience looking in a mirror. You don’t always like what you see. In fact, sometimes you flat out hate what you see. Likewise, when we see things we hate about ourselves in others, we tend to respond negatively. We intensely want to erase this quality from them because we think if it is not present within them then it is no longer present within us. Seeing yourself continuously day in and day out can be taxing or downright depressing and it creates too much hatred both for yourself and your partner.             
  3. Loss of self– when two flames of the same energy unite, they become one. A twin flame is cut from the same fabric it’s true and the relationship is different than any you will have ever experienced. It is so hard not to get lost in that cycle so that one is not distinguishable from the other.                                                                                                     
  4. Intensified hurt– you cannot fathom the pain that is involved when it comes to a twin flame. For every self-destructive decision that they make to the absence of that person, to intensified grief after death. The pain that is involved, like everything else -good and bad–with your Twin Flame, is intensified.


When you do unite with your twin flame it’s important to realize that a romantic relationship, as hard as it may feel like to avoid, isn’t always what the two of you are destined for. Twin flames often unite for larger purposes stemming beyond a romantic relationship. Instead of jumping right in, ask yourself the following question: what is the greater purpose of the relationship? How can the two of you best serve that purpose? Will uniting romantically get in the way of that higher purpose?


Thanks again for all of your support. Please share your experiences with us below. Tell us your story! Have you met your twin flame?  If so, what has your experience been when being in a romantic relationship with your twin flame?


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