Twin Flame or Soulmate? Here’s How to Know the Difference

There has been a lot of talks lately about what is a twin flame versus soulmate and how to tell the difference. If you are experiencing a twin flame relationship, for example, it is possible that the person you are in this relationship with is also your soulmate, but that is not always the case because although the line can blur between the two, they are in fact very different.


Not long ago we published an article about the 5 Types of Soulmates you are likely to encounter in your lifetime. In this article, we briefly touch upon what we called an emotional twin. Another term you may have heard is twin flame. If you have a close connection to your significant other or another person in your life, you may have wondered if this person was your soulmate or perhaps even a twin flame.


Why is this relevant information to know? In the long run, does it matter if you are in a relationship with your twin flame, your soulmate, or both? Does it change anything at all? The answer is yes absolutely it does. Why? Because the the purpose of the relationship shifts. 



The Differences Between Twin Flame and SoulMate



Let’s begin by looking at the term soulmate and what exactly that means. To put simply, a soulmate is just that, a mate of the soul. It is someone who you connect with on a soul level and as a result, they define you on a soul level as well. To look at a soulmate in terms of fabric, consider them as being two threads spun from separate fabrics and of different colors that when put together reveal the true beauty of one another other.


Twin Flame

A twin flame is of a different nature. In terms of fabric, a twin Flame is two pieces of fabric cut from the same cloth. So you can see why they are termed as twins. When brought together, the fabric reveals a greater truth or a story that was not present prior—like two pieces of a puzzle coming together to serve a higher purpose.


Whereas a soulmate is present to teach you about yourself and help define you as a spiritual being, a twin flame is present to serve the same purpose as you. Your purpose is to create. When brought together you emanate brighter than when apart. Like a flame. When you put two small flames together, they become larger. Hence the term twin flame. A soulmate may inspire you to create or push you to a place where you feel you have to and a twin flame is a person with whom you create with.



A soulmate can come and go depending on life circumstances and lessons. but a twin flame remains a twin flame. You may experience a spiritual awakening as a result of being with your soulmate. A twin flame is not an awakening as much as it is a self-awareness. The relationship extends beyond our understanding into a plane of cosmic energy. Your purpose, although it may be unclear, is the same and it is larger than either one of you. Important to note too is that although we all have soulmates, not all of us have twin flames (see


Last, it’s important to understand that although a twin flame can often act as a soulmate, a soulmate isn’t typically a twin flame because a soulmate defines us as individuals and a twin flame becomes a greater part of us. Their flame burns with our own and becomes indistinguishable. A soulmate is a flame of a different caliber of energy that blends well but doesn’t integrate completely. They are a separate presence completely. Understanding the difference can help you define the purpose of the relationship.


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