How to Overcome Overthinking in Five Powerful Steps

In the last blog, we talked about the pitfalls of overthinking. If you are one of the many people who suffer from overthinking, then you realize how important it is to overcome overthinking. Yet, most likely you do not know where to begin and you are so deep in the cycle caused by overthinking that you don’t even realize that you’re doing it until it is too late.


Here are 5 Ways to Overcome Overthinking


1. Acknowledge that you are in an unhealthy pattern of overthinking. Ok cliche or not, it is the truth: the first step to fixing any problem is first to acknowledge that the problem exists. This is so much more difficult than you realize. In order to achieve this step, you will have to admit that the problems you have created are in fact in your head and do not exist. Remember, you have spent who knows how long convincing yourself that these issues are real, so acknowledging that you were wrong and it is a result of toxic thinking can be pretty tough to do. Nonetheless, it is the first step towards recovery.


2. Be mindful of your thoughts. Instead of allowing Your brain to circle the wagon, step back and practice mindfulness. In any situation, take an objective view of what’s happening. Do not worry or fret, but if a situation truly is bad, take the proper measure of fixing it. Remind yourself that worry perpetuates a bad situation and has no place in your life. It’s like pouring fuel on the fire when you’re trying to put the fire out.


3. Stay present in the moment. Be logical with your choices. If you are afraid of where your thoughts will take you, then stay in the present moment. Consider the facts. Focus on what’s happening around you rather than on what could happen or should happen or should have happened. Focus on your breathing. Clear your mind and think nothing.


4. Consider the absolute worst case scenario, but do not fear it. You may be surprised by this step. Believe it or not, this is a logical approach. Allow your mind to consider the outcome, but do not allow your psyche to be affected by it. In fact, use it as a catalyst to help you stay in the moment and not overthink. Tell yourself, “this is the worst possible outcome, but I am going to enjoy the right now and deal with whatever else when the time comes.”


5. Replace negative thoughts with positive ones. When you practice mindfulness with your thinking you will eventually come to a place where you can replace negative thoughts with more positive ones. For example, when you worry that something might go bad, replace that thought with something like “it might go bad, but either way I win because it’s a positive experience.”


When you begin to overcome overthinking, you must learn to steer your thinking in a different direction than you’re used to. This takes a lot of time, patience, and practice, but eventually once your break that negative thinking cycle, your neural pathways will get the hint and your brain will automatically choose a positive outlook. If you need more inspiration, research how to break the cycle of addiction because, in the end, that’s what overthinking really is. It’s an addiction to the brain, a cycle that must be broken and once you do, liberation is at hand.

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