5 Ways to Live a Life of Joy

Living a life of joy is awesome, but it’s a lot of work. You must always make a conscious choice to maintain a positive outlook, stop focussing on the negative and maintain a healthy psyche.  Living a life of joy or not is a decision made by YOU. Do you want to get up and walk today or do you want to be a couch potato? As soon as you are of adult age, what kind of life you decide to lead begins with you. The choices we make are followed by consequences. Part of that means accepting the choices that you have made in your life, good and bad. You are the change that happens in your own life. Here’s a question many of us struggle with: how do you choose to live a life of joy, especially if you come from a background full of pain and upset?

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5 Ways to Live a Life of Joy


1. Make the choice to seek out and focus on the joy

The first step of this process is to make a conscious choice to change your life. Any time you make the choice to change your life, you must be ready for the work that goes into it. You have the power to manifest your own destiny, only if you are willing to put in the time and the effort to get it.


2. Love Yourself Faults and All

Love yourself and accept yourself for all your faults. Don’t hold yourself up to standards of perfection. That is an impossible outcome. If you are beating on yourself all the time then you are the source of unhappiness in your own life. This is a tough question, but it’s a question that you must come to terms with: do you feel like you do not deserve to be happy? If so, then why? Is it due to a traumatic experience in your life, conditioned thinking, emotional abuse? Whatever the issue is, you need to stop running from it and deal with it once and for all so it will stop preventing you from living a joyous life.


3. Leave the Past in the Past

The past will always be there, it’s not going anywhere. The future never comes, it is always the future. But right now, is always here and it never ceases, at least not in this lifetime. Leave the past behind you and the worry ahead of you and be in the present moment where you are able to experience the joy.


4. Let Go of Moody Behavior

This might be one category you were not expecting to see. We all get moody, it’s true. But what we don’t realize is how contagious moodiness actually is and how your mood can act as a barricade against all positive energy trying to come in. Some people may claim that moodiness is not a choice and, although there are some rare cases where moodiness biologically or physically cannot be helped, most of the time your moods are very much within your own control, you just don’t realize it or you allow your pride to prevent you from seeing it.


5. Spend More Time Loving

Love is contagious. Love is accepting, freeing, joyous, and superb. Spread the love and we promise you’ll find joy, Why not be the force you are trying to draw into your life?


If you do not take anything away from this article then remember this one thing: you have a choice to be a force and spread the good or you can be a negative force that spreads soul toxins around. The choice is yours. What is your decision?  I choose to live a life of joy. 


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