7 Things to Do to Make Your Relationship Better

Do you want to make your relationship better? This is always a good goal to have. It’s a good thing that you care enough about your partner to want to make things better. Sometimes it’s hard to know where to start.

That’s why we devised seven things that you can do to make your relationship better today.

1. Plan monthly dates for your partner– It is perhaps one of the most important things in a relationship to spend time together. People change every day and it’s important to get to know your partner a little each day throughout your life together. Plan a monthly date or outing. Time for just the two of you to get to know each other. It doesn’t have to be expensive, doesn’t have to be long, and it doesn’t have to be with other people. A simple outing for a coffee or shake will do. The important thing is that you put in the time and the effort and planning. You’ll be surprised at how good this really works.

2. Write down one thing a day that your partner did nice for you– This may seem silly, but we promise it really works. So often we focus on the negative things within a relationship and we forget to look at all the nice things our partner does for us. By writing these things down, we are showing gratitude for all of the nice things we receive from our partners. It is the gratitude that opens our hearts. As a result, we love more.

3. Make a romantic dinner once a month–  Nothing goes to the heart faster than an amazing home cooked dinner. It’s a great way to show you care, and an even better way to spend time together. Who knows, it may lead to other things that will make your relationship stronger too (wink wink). 

4. Listen to your partner’s needs-Your partner talks to you in many ways that you might not be aware of. You just need to watch them a little closer to what they need from you. If they’re overwhelmed with housework and exhausted from working too many hours, adjust your behaviors to accommodate their needs. This is perhaps the nicest thing you can do for a partner. Listen and give. If you do these things, you will receive in return.

5. Be less selfish about love– Love is not all about you but you can receive from another person. Sometimes it’s more important to step back and see where your partner needs to be loved and give them that love without expecting anything in return. If you want to strengthen your relationship, then you must learn to love without receiving.

6. Stop jumping to conclusions-Nobody jumps to conclusions worse than somebody in a romantic relationship. We tend to want to control our partner’s behaviors and feelings towards us. It’s so easy to jump to conclusions when your heart is so close to another’s words. Instead, do yourself and your partner a favor and stay objective. Trust in the love you share between one another rather than the words that come out of another’s mouth.

7. Go out of your way to do what makes your partner happy–  Last but not least go out of your way to do what it takes to make your spouse happy even if it’s not necessarily what makes you happy. A foot rub or allowing your loved one alone time when you miss them the most are not things that make us happy, for example, but they are things our partner really needs. Showing another being love sometimes requires a sacrifice. That’s part of what makes it so special.

We all have the ability to transform our relationships into something amazing  and to make our relationship better when we want to put in the time and the effort.  Good luck. Here’s to hoping that this will be the year you will find love and happiness in your relationships!

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15 Things to Do To Strengthen Your Relationship

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