10 Signs Your Partner Is Cheating

Many relationships evolve over time. You and your partner may experience periods of distance as you each develop in your own lives and as a couple. However, if you start to have that sinking feeling that something isn’t quite right, here are 10 signs to help you determine whether your partner is cheating.

1. Won’t Make Eye Contact
When someone won’t look in your eyes while you’re talking it’s a good indication they are uncomfortable or hiding something.

2. Evades Answers
There are a number of ways a person might avoid answering a direct question. They might change the subject. Or they might ask you a question instead. They might even create a diversion, like knocking over a glass or answering a phone call when you didn’t hear their phone ringing.

3. Accuses You
If your partner is suddenly hyper-vigilant about your whereabouts or flat out accuses you of cheating, you should definitely wonder what they might be up to. One reason for this conduct is because we see in others what we worry about them seeing in us. The other reason for this behavior is to make you feel defensive so you will be less likely to aggressively question them.

4. Repeats questions
A classic way that people who are lying give themselves more time to think about their answer is by repeating the question they are asked.

5. Inconsistencies
If your partner changes details about where they’ve been or what they’ve been doing, it could be because they are inventing those details and unable to remember what they’ve already told you. Chances are they are lying.

6. Showering excessively
Unless your honey has always been fastidiously clean, excessive showering could be a sign they are cheating. If they are suddenly rushing to shower as soon as they get home or insisting on brushing their teeth before greeting you, this could be a red flag.

7. Changing/washing sheets more often
Has your partner recently bought new bedding? If your partner never had much interest in helping with laundry before, but now dutifully makes sure the bedding is fresh and clean, you should wonder why.

8. Always late
Your partner’s long work days could mean they are a dedicated employee, or it could be a sign they are filling those after work hours seeing someone else.

9. Changing plans
If your partner frequently cancels weekend or weeknight plans, stays home from work unexpectedly when they are not sick, or tells you they are going one place, but then does something else, they might be cheating.

10. Hiding phone
Hiding the screen from your view when they receive a text message, carrying their phone with them into the bathroom, having more than one phone or locking their phone and not sharing the passcode with you are all worrisome behaviors from your partner. We all need our privacy, and you shouldn’t go poking around reading your partners email or text messages, but in a loving trusting relationship we should expect that there isn’t anything to hide. So, if you’re closer to your partner’s phone and glance at it when it rings to report, “Hey, your Mom’s calling”, it’s no big deal. When your partner lurches to cover the phone up as soon as it rings and scurries off into another room, it is a big deal.

If you are already suspicious, go one step further, by asking yourself why you are suspicious. If your partner exhibits any of the irregular behavior listed use that to have an open and honest conversation. Pinpointing what makes you uneasy will help the two of you to have a discussion that will either alleviate your fears or send your partner packing.

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