The Worst Distance Between Two People is Misunderstanding

What will put you even farther apart from your partner than miles? The answer: misunderstanding between you. Misunderstanding within a romantic relationship is one of the most tragic things that can happen. It unhinges your love and pushes you away from each other. The question is, are you allowing it to be a part of your relationship?


In order to prevent misunderstandings from taking place, you must first be able to identify the source or reason for the misunderstanding in the first place.


Here are some of the most common causes of misunderstandings between couples:


Making assumptions

Ok, we’re all guilty of this one, especially when it comes to the people we know the best. We think we know them better than they know themselves and perhaps that is the truth, however, no one likes to be assumed to be any one way. It’s important to allow your partner to be the actor of their own life. Assuming can be extremely hurtful, especially when your assumptions are negative, misguided, or untrue. When conflict arises it is very easy to make negative assumptions about what our partners are thinking. So think before you speak, even if what you think might be true. This can wreck a relationship quicker than anything.


Battling Viewpoints

Not every two people in a relationship are going to agree on every subject. In the heat of the moment, sometimes we say things we don’t mean, or we shut ourselves off completely to what our partners have to say, how they feel, or who they are. This can be very hurtful. Battling viewpoints cause a lot of fighting and mistrust between people. Sometimes we just need to agree to disagree.


Lack of trust

Lack of trust and the green monster (aka jealousy) will kill a relationship faster than anything else. It is a wedge and their miscommunication aside, when you do not trust someone, communication cannot really happen at all.


Too much communication can be bad too

This is especially true in the heat of battle. Too much commutation can cause more fighting, more arguing, and open up more seems for misunderstandings. Talking a subject to death, especially one that you do not agree upon can lead to nowhere except more arguing and more anger. Sometimes it’s better to communicate less and love more.


Relationships are not easy, but with a lot of hard work and lots of love they can be a beautiful part of anyone’s life. One of the most intricate pieces of the puzzle of love is understanding. When we are not understanding our partners, we are not loving them properly.


Misunderstanding can go on for years. Sometimes they last a lifetime. The best we can do is learn to detect how they begin so that we can better prevent them from happening in the future. As always, thanks for tuning in. Feel free to comment below and let us know if this article was good for you.


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