Is it Time to Take a Break From the Cell Phone?

Is it time to take a break from the cell phone?  Let’s really ponder this question.

There is no denying how cool technology is today. There are many benefits to having a cell phone. For one, we always have a camera at our disposal allowing us to capture any good moment. For as many benefits as there are to this mobile technology, there is just as great of a need to put the technology down from time to time.


It’s not just cell phones. It’s all technology and all screens. There is a great need in our society that many people do not see or understand to disconnect from the modern screen. Many of us (not all, thank goodness) have become so consumed by technology that we have forgotten the world beyond pixels. We have forgotten the world we create and observe and we have become consumed by what others spoon feed to us on social networks. We have lost our connection to the outside world, instead preferring to enjoy a simple representation of it from the comfort of our homes.


This goes for any obsession, not just cell phones and technology. However, in today’s world, cell phones are everywhere and a good portion of the population is becoming obsessed, dependent, and lost in the technology. Very little data has been collected over the years of the social and mental ramifications of cell phone usage. We have no idea how the kids of today will end up being later on as a result.


There is one thing we can tell you for certain and that is, any time you become totally consumed by anything, it’s a clear indication that it is time to take a break from it.


Are you thinking, “but why? Why is it so important to disconnect?” If so, then you may need to disconnect more than you realize.  Perhaps it’s really time to take a break from the cell phone.

Here’s what could happen once you do:

Revive old loves

Our cell phones and technology have a tendency to dominate our time. When is the last time you went out for dinner with a loved one and didn’t use your phone at all? When is the last time you sat home alone and was not glued to a device of some sort, but most likely a cell phone? When is the last time you engaged in a hobby beyond the screen? When is the last time you built something from wood, painted, wrote a story, read a book, enjoyed something that you used to enjoy? When is the last time you put down your phone and derived enjoyment from an activity? Taking a break allows you the opportunity to revive some of these old loves into your life. You will be happier for it, that much is for certain.

Connect with nature

Recently we published an article about the healing qualities of nature on the soul. When you allow yourself the time and opportunity to connect with nature, it is good food for the soul. When you focus on your place in the universe, your inner spirit will beam with joy.  This is a place, an existence that cannot be replicated by technology, although the technology may give you the illusion that it can at times. The technology, although in some instances can enhance connectivity with nature, it can equally as much disrupt it. Where that may be fine most of the time, when you are in search of higher functioning, this is a chance you don’t want to take.


Connect better with the people around you

Don’t believe it? Most couples today will sit side by side but on separate devices. The same goes for friends. Why do we even leave our houses anymore? We can just keep in touch via social networking online, right? NO! The level of connectivity between people online and in person are worlds apart. Real connectivity requires the presence of the body and the mind. This is not to say that technology is a great way to keep in touch.


By taking breaks away from this techno-obsessed existence, you will learn to love to be alone. Being alone is an important part of becoming more self-aware and a better thinker and a better person all around. By taking breaks away from the phone you will find true connectivity in the world both with yourself and with others. By taking a break from the cell phone, you open heart space to let in true love and acceptance and live a more spiritually balanced existence. Can you achieve it!?

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