How to Free the Spirit of Pain and Suffering

“Pain is inevitable suffering is optional.” -Buddha


We all hold on to a certain degree of pain, negative thinking, and grief in our lives. Some hold on to more than they should. No one wants to be a prisoner of their own thoughts, yet at some point, most of us will find that we have been holding ourselves captive and need to let go of some troubling burdens in order to free the spirit.


The spirit is a free being that will become easily exhausted and depleted of energy when held captive for too long. It is meant to fly free in a nonphysical light and when we hold it back, depression, anxiety, and exhaustion become very real. How are we holding the spirit back? By burdening it with pain that could otherwise be let go of.


When we hold on to pain from the past, we don’t realize that we are actually creating a new or additional pain for ourselves. In a way, we are tormenting ourselves with things that we do not have the power to change. As a result, there are moments in life when we must choose to let go of our burdens and free ourselves from the hurt.


In other words, we must realize when it’s time to let go of the past, stop tormenting ourselves, begin the healing process and free the spirit. Naturally speaking, this process would be different for everyone, but there are a few things you can do that will begin the healing.

Here are 3 Ways to Free the Spirit of Pain and Suffering


Accept the things that you can not change

If it’s not in your control to change something that is causing you pain, there is no sense tormenting yourself over it. It’s time to let it go and the best way to do that is through acceptable. Although you may not like it very much, you must accept the outcome otherwise you are choosing to wallow in your own misery.


Focus on the things that you can change

Instead of using your energy to beat yourself up over the past and relive a trauma that cannot be changed, focus on gaining the strength to move forward into a moldable world. Use the grief to find the strength to change the things that you can change in whatever way you can.


Stop punishing yourself for things that happened yesterday

We all make mistakes. Some of us make really big mistakes. If you can come to a place of self-forgiveness then that’s ideal, but at the very least stop punishing yourself for the things that happened in the past. It is up to you to decide who gets punished and who does not. Make the choice to leave the past in the past where it belongs.


By following these three steps you should be well on your way to recovery and discovery of the self, the new self. When you can lift these burdens from your spirit, you will find that the happiness and joy that has been absent from your life for so long is not far behind.

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