Life Wisdom- 5 Lessons in Love

Love is a gift, but often it gets misinterpreted or mixed up with other emotions surrounding it. In truth, love is power and strength in times of darkness, not the cause of darkness and pain as people often believe it is. It comes from a source of absolute kindness and truth. It lives within and like a companion never leaves the soul. Love is an innate part of being human and yet it is greater than life. We often tell stories about the power of love, but rarely do we consider what love is to us. We could all use some lessons in love. 

Here are 5 lessons in love that everyone should understand. 

Love is unconditional, but not endless

Although love has the power to last a lifetime and beyond, it doesn’t mean that all love will. Although love is unconditional, there is a limit of how much love one person can give to another without receiving any in return. Love is an energy source and how much you can give has a lot (not everything) to do with how much you’ve been given. Because we should love unconditionally doesn’t mean we should love. Sometimes, we must choose to love ourselves more and do what is best for the self.

Love is humble, but not weak  

For centuries, love has been the inspiration for literature, stories, art, music, and more. The power of love is indisputable. Love is a power that quietly sits within us. We don’t articulate that it’s there, but it never leaves our consciousness. At times you might even say that love feels more like a presence than an emotion. It has the power to connect us spiritually, physically, and telepathically. True romantic love has the ability to make us feel full and whole; hence the symbology of the heart. But love is humble. It does not overtake your spirit and it is never aggressive. It is gentle and kind, yet far from being meek or timid. The power that resides inside of us often will give us the strength to do what needs to be done and sometimes even bear hardship; however, it will never overtake us physically as other emotions might do.

Love is thoughtful and never self-serving – Love is never self-serving. When you are full of love, there should be no anger, no upset, or jealous emotions of any kind. Love is well-wishing and thoughtful. Love is the complete acceptance of oneself, one’s life and circumstances. Love of a romantic nature is total acceptance of another and their life and circumstances. Love knows no ownership, it has no possession, and it does seek out to cause pain or destruction.  We bring this up because these emotions are often associated with love, but it’s important to realize that they come from a different source.

Love is kind, but is sometimes mistaken for pain –  There are few people in this life who escape the feelings of heartbreak and loss. Grief is one of the most painful sufferings in life. Although this pain is often associated with love, it is essential to your well being to realize that they come from very different sources. People will say, If I never loved, I would never have lost.” That simply isn’t true. We all love and we all suffer loss. It is part of being human and part of living. Love is the gift that helps ease the suffering. Love is the joy that gets us through the grief. It was never the cause of suffering, but the gift that remains after the loss happens.

Love is forgiving, but not at the expense of oneself – Love is unconditional and kind and humble, it’s no wonder people give their loved ones so many chances. But remember love is kind and selfless and does not cause pain. If you are being hurt by a loved one, physically or emotionally, that is not coming from a place of love. You must sometimes show yourself love and walk away from a bad situation, even if you love the other person that is involved. Having true love for a person doesn’t mean you have to be with them if they cause you suffering. In fact, it is probably best for both parties if you weren’t.

We hope you have enjoyed this article.  Always remember, love never hurts.  Love nurtures.

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