We All Have Deep Wounds to Heal

We All Have Wounds to Heal 

Healing by definition means, the process of making or becoming sound or healthy again.”   We all have wounds to heal if we dig deep and admit it.  Some we have carried around for a very long time.  They are like old friends.  Other wounds are fresh, painful and still bleeding. They are so sore that it hurts to touch them and yet we do.  We touch them to see how they are healing only to slow the progress.  In regards to physical healing, an organism or cell must repair itself…constantly renewing and discarding the old. In regards to mental health, healing is the process by which neuroses and psychoses are resolved to the degree that the client is able to lead a normal or fulfilling existence without being overwhelmed by psychopathological phenomena. This process may involve psychotherapy, pharmaceutical treatment or alternative approaches such as traditional spiritual healing.”  


I truly believe that there are circumstances in life that can lead us to either a physical manifestation of pain or mental manifestation of pain.  All require healing. I know this because I am a healer.  I help heal other people’s pain.  Recently, I  went through a break-up.  This one felt different.  I never thought I would be this disappointed and hurt in an ending. It’s hit me harder than I ever expected, for I thought I had learned how to not take on another’s pain. I thank the universe for having me understand a lot about someone else’s pain and trauma.  It allows me to see the other side of things and not just my own pain from having had a relationship with someone who is living in pain. What I truly understand this time is that I need healing too.  I can’t just pass this off.  I stayed longer than I should have ever allowed myself too. I absorbed someone else’s pain.  I helped fight their demons. I am an empath, it happens. I am an advocate for my clients.  This time, I need to be an advocate for myself.  


Don’t be afraid to express your feelings.

The following is a writing I did when I went to the ocean for some healing time.  The ocean soothes my soul and I can truly connect with the parts of myself that let me heal from the inside out.  Where do you go or what do you do to help you find the place inside of yourself for your own healing? 

Heart Cleanse
(a poem by Heidi Dellaire from her book Roots and Tendrils)

When I throw my heart into the ocean, I always feel clean.

Clean in a way that only a hard bashing and scraping against the rocks can provide.

They don’t just clean you, they rip off things that couldn’t possibly hold on.

You’re left with nothing but a raw place. Just raw. Raw in a way that will take several scabs to heal over.

Continuous peeling and healing of a wound that is deep.

A wound that still plagues you.

A wound that is so deep you don’t know if it will ever truly heal. It may just slough a scab for the rest of your life

never fully forming a scar.

Some wounds never quite heal and you are forced to carry them around with you.

They lay dormant and sometimes they bleed.

The wound clings close, like a child, struggling to find wings

A part will always remain


©Roots and Tendrils by Heidi Dellaire


Writing for me releases the pain.

Although I logically know that I will heal in time, I also know that we carry our wounds around like armor.  They cling to our skin and move about in a cellular memory.  We must work hard at breaking any negative feelings about pain and allow our bodies and spirits to process it, eat it up and spit it out.  Just leaving the scar and not picking at the wound.  


These are the things I teach other people.  I teach them how to let go of their pain both physically and mentally.  I am a massage therapist and intuitive healer.  Today, I teach myself how to let go all over again.  Funny how that happens.  The teacher is also the student.  Do you still have wounds to heal?  I encourage you to do whatever you need to do to process your wound/pain and then seek joy, whatever that may be.  For finding our joy truly helps us heal.  


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  1. Lee Papier says

    Thank you for this post and for your love and dedication to helping yourself and others. I have been reading and growing from your information and sharing it with others.

    Recently I completed a 24 year relationship and we separated about 10 days ago. I can relate. By acknowledging what is and allowing it to be and to complete, I continue to release all negativity and cleanse. Our world and planet now have a unique opportunity to realign and re-balance. I pray we use it wisely for the good of all concerned.

    May God bless you with truth, wisdom and discernment and fill you with healing and grace.


    1. Heidi Dellaire says

      Namaste, in return. Thank you for sharing. We are never alone in our journeys.

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