Life Trap: The Sad Reasons Why We Chose a Job We Hate

Maybe you read this article on a Monday Morning, realizing that your job sucks. You hate it. It was difficult to get out of bed, and you just keep fingers crossed that this week will pass quickly and you have your weekend again for yourself.

It is not uncommon that people hate their jobs. You will find even people keep repeating the Mantra and Affirmation that a job does not suppose to be fun. Weird, isn’t it? But hardly anyone is questioning this kind of statement. Try it and ask people why they are not following their heart and choose a job that would actually reflect their talents and gifts? I can hear the words ridiculous, Utopia, or “That job does not exist!”


So what happened to us and why do we accept this kind of unhappiness in our life?


Well, do you remember the days were you were carefree? A looooong time ago as a child and then boom school happened. At first, it was fun, but we learned very quickly that there were expectations put on us. We learn stuff we are not interested in, and also stuff we never will use again. But, and that is truly weird, our self-worth gets attached to it. We learn quickly that if we do not hit certain targets, that we are not good enough or that it has massive consequences for our future. On top of it, we learn that we have to suffer through it, you cannot avoid it. Close your eyes and get through it. I am not saying that EVERYTHING is wrong in our education system, but the majority is. It is outdated, and it has a lot to answer for like burnout, depression, anxiety, self-worthiness issues.


We learn that suffering will be rewarded


Yes, we spend hours and hours to learn Algebra and “significant” dates in history. If we are not passionate about those things, it will take us a lot of time to learn it. And the pain is real, but we want to pass this education no matter how ridiculous the pressure is because it will all be worth it. We get praised for our suffering and learning stuff we never ever have to use again and start to forget where our real talents are. We suppress them. Because all we do is concentrating on what we are not good at.

And this is happening for years, and years, and years. It becomes a routine, and when we start to enter the job market, we almost forgot what we really want to be, we got confused because people tell us what labels are desirable and bring success. There might be fantastic musicians, artists, writers, poets out there who stuck in an office. Because you know, your talents and gifts should never be rewarded with money. Because we learned by then that everything that comes easy is actually not worth it and there is no reward in it.


Everyone else is doing it; therefore, it must be right


Yep, because everyone else is moaning about their job and everyone else seems to suffer, which means we do not question it. We believe it is normal. Yes, we even think we need to pull ourselves together.


What can you do about it?


  • Sit down and find out where your talents are. Sometimes what seems normal to us is something really special to others. Talk to your friends and loved ones, ask them what skills you have. If you cannot dilute them down to a job keep going and try to remember what tasks or things are easy for you. What hobbies do you like and why do you like them?
  • Find people that love their job, not because of the money, because of what they are doing and yes, those people exist. Ask them how they knew that this is what they want to do.
  • Drop the belief that a job has to be hard to earn you money. Allow yourself to earn money with your talents.
  • Understand that there is nothing like a REAL job. We seem to categorize jobs by what we think society claims are REAL jobs. Detach your self-worth from others who tell you what they consider as a real and honorable job. This is their opinion; they do not live your life.
  • If you need the money because of bills you have to pay, and you have children, I totally get this. But sit down and see where you can save money. Include your family and loved ones in this. If you suffer tremendously in your job, people who love you will want to see you happy and will want to help you find a job you truly love.
  • Do a side hustle. Create some space for yourself where you start to explore your talents. There are these days so many opportunities on the internet. You can even self-publish your own book. Vlogging, blogging, podcasting there are endless opportunities out there. Explore them, use the internet wisely.

I wish for you that you free yourself from a job you hate. Life is too short; we spend a lot of time of our lives at work, so make sure you choose a job you love.

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