How to Show Others the Love You Were Never Shown

How do you show others the love you were never shown?

Opening yourself up to give something you were never given is a challenge. Especially when that something is love. But lucky for us, humans are born with an ability to love. It isn’t something we learn necessarily, but it is something difficult to access if we’ve never been shown how to express it or if we have a difficult time doing so.

People who associate love with pain from early on life experience may have a difficult time opening heart space for their loved ones. The love is a trigger to the psyche that pain is around the corner. Where logically we understand that not all love hurts, we have unconsciously created ties and our instinct is the flee. Sadly, loved ones are the ones who must pay the price. They feel rejected and alone after their loved one scurries off and abandons them.

There is nothing worse than coming to the realization that you pushed away and hurt someone you love. In fact, in discovering that you are doing to them the exact thing that had caused the hurt in you in the first place is downright excruciating. The behavior is especially debilitating in childhood and throughout young adolescents.

Coming to a place of love and trust where you realize you must retrain your brain to better express your love to the people in your life so that they do not end up with the same issues is the first step in opening your heart space to them. Whereas this is a personal journey with different steps for each person to take to achieve their goal, there are a few pointers we’d like to share that we hope will help you in your journey towards recovery.

Remember these things:

Change happens from the inside out

Sometimes trusting other people is a risk worth taking

You must learn to love yourself

Don’t make your loved ones jump through hoops to be near you, you DO deserve their love.

Don’t hurt yourself by hurting the ones you love

Don’t lash out when you are hurting

Go against your instincts

Embrace your emotions,  good and bad

Be brave

Be adventurous

Never resist a moment to show you care

Never consciously push someone you love away

Recognize when you do that subconsciously

Learn how to hug

Push through the awkward discomfort of being physically close to people

Learn to accept yourself for all the good and bad

Accept the fact that others will accept you

Stop putting yourself down. When you put yourself down it hurts your loved ones

Let go of the past

Forgive those who couldn’t love

Forgive those who could not express that they loved

Create a better future for your children

Be mindful

Think of others

Do not give into the temptation to play games, this is your life.

It takes a lot of work to show others the love you were never shown.  Above all, remember we only get a chance to live this life once. Take joy in the love you’ve been given. It’s a gift that must begin with you.

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