How To Tell If You Share a Love Bond

In the last blog “Love is Stronger than Blood,” we touched briefly on love bonds and how they should be treasured and nourished. But how do you know if a love bond should be nourished or even how strong they are? Here’s a question for you, how strongly do you want it to be? Seems like a strange question, right? However, the truth is your love bond is as strong as you decide to make it with a lot of work, determination, acceptance, and effort.


But how do you tell if the love bond exists, to begin with? You don’t want to waste all that hard work on nothing after all.

Here are a few things to look for when determining how strong your love bond is:


Acceptance – do you and your loved one share acceptance towards each other? So often we want to change the people we love to fit into our own molds. If you share a love bond with someone, then you will find that is not the case at all. Rather, you share a unique acceptance of the other person, faults and all.

Find yourself going out of your way for that person- when you share a love bond with another person you take pleasure in going out of your way to make that person happy. You don’t mind making your life a little more difficult when it means you make theirs a little bit easier.

Have changed as a result of- someone you share this unique love bond with is also someone who will cause a significant change in your spirit… hopefully (but not always necessarily) for be better.

Will go out of your way to be around- if you share a love bond with someone you will do whatever is in your power to be around that person. If you can’t be with them, then you will always find a way to communicate. Writing letters or conversing regularly over the phone. That person will be in your life for years, maybe even until the end of your days (or theirs). If or when they are gone, you feel sad and empty without them.

Your relationship is spiritual- This one is often looked over much of the time but is important when you share a love bond. You do not have to believe in the same divinities in order to share a spiritual bond, but you must connect on a spiritual level. This means you always hold heart space for the other person. It means you care deeply about what happens to that person. You help each other grow spiritually into better stronger happier people.

As mentioned in the article prior, a love bond is not just between couples. It can be with anyone in your life. Family, close friends, your children or even your coworkers. The secret is not to be afraid of the bond, but rather to nourish and grow it into a beautiful lifelong relationship.

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