Stop Looking for Love For All The Wrong Reasons

Are you looking for love? Whether you are single or in a committed relationship, if you feel you must turn to someone else to find true love, you are probably looking for love for all the wrong reasons.


One of the most common reasons why relationships fail is because either one or both people look to the other to make them happy. True happiness is internal, not external. It is something that must come from a place of self-love and acceptance. Instead, many have a tendency to seek these emotions amongst the ecstasy of a romantic relationship.


Although the relationship (especially in the beginning) can create similar emotions, it is not long lasting. In fact, if that is a quick fix you will likely be a needy partner constantly seeking attention that will replicate these emotions. Indeed, true love and acceptance comes from you and putting that task on your partner isn’t fair to them or to you for that matter.


Keep reading to see if you fall into the following five categories for looking for love for the wrong reasons:


To Help You Mend

If you have a broken heart or issue that developed as a result of previous relationships and you are looking for someone to mend the broken pieces of your heart then you are looking for love for the wrong reason. Being in a relationship does not mean you are in a service position. It is wrong to use love for selfish reasons, especially if It is not genuine coming from you.


To Change Who You Are

Are you bored with your Life and need a simple change.  Are you looking for someone simply to fill a time slot. If you feel like you need to change as a person, it’s better to put in the self-work.


To Fulfill an Unhealthy Need to Mend or Change Others

 A common reason why we get together with others is that of emotions of sympathy or empathy. When we see a quality that may be sympathized with and feel capable of mending, we tend to jump in head first. It feels good to be needed, so we constantly seek out this situation.


You Would Rather Settle For the Wrong Person Than Wait for the Right Person

Impatience is a big problem. Sometimes it is easier to simply settle for a person even though we’re not really in love than it is to wait for a love that is to come later.  we remain in a relationship because it is convenient and for other reasons. This is not fair to your partner. Love is not about taking what you can get until something better comes along.


Because You Don’t Feel Complete if You’re Not in a Relationship

News flash, you are complete. You are 100% complete with or without anyone else. You are you and you don’t need anyone else in your life to be that way.


When you decide to start with you is the day you start living for yourself. Love is kind and unselfish. Love should not be sought after for personal gain or pleasure. It is not a product to be purchased on the street. It’s the gift of a lifetime. You know the thing about love, you never really need to seek it out. When the time is right, it will seek you.


Until next time, keep on loving and opening your heart space. Good luck!  


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