Why Letting Go of Dreams Can Be The Best Thing Ever!

Letting go of dreams can be something really sad and traumatic. It does not matter if the dream was just something you planned for a week or maybe a lifetime. It can hurt because we got emotionally attached to the dream and the life we imagined with it and now we play with the thought of letting go of it.

But what if I tell you that letting go of this dream can be actually the best thing that ever will happen to you?

You might think I am crazy because everyone will advise you not to give up and no matter what keep going.

Here are some reasons why letting go of your dream might be the best thing ever:

Is it your dream?

It helps to identify if that really was your dream. What is the reason why you had that dream or goal? Did you do it may be to impress someone else or to get someone else’s attention? If it is not your dream, you can put your energy into something YOU really want. Impressing other people will lead to a life you don’t want. Which then comes with depression and resentment. Make sure that your dream belongs indeed to you.

You got caught up into many details.

Maybe you have been too specific to the point that your dream has become an obsession. I remember that people plan weddings or other parties and because the cake did not arrive on time or a detail has been missing they feel everything has been ruined. Relax! Life is not perfect, mistakes happen. Look at the bigger picture. Does a small missing detail really ruin your wedding when you marry the love of your life? Put things into perspective.

You did not see our real potential.

You were underestimating yourself. So you might have gone for a job, that you felt would be amazing. And you failed the interview. You feel you were aiming too high, but in fact, you did not aim high enough!

Your dream is making you ill.

Even though, yes we work towards our dreams, and there are ups and downs, and we need to be patient and put sometimes some extra hours in. However, everything that causes your Mental or Physical health to decline needs to go.

The worst case I have come to witness was a successful businessman that was on the brink of suicide because his family did not want to give up on the luxury they have come accustom to. It was very painful to witness that he felt that he could not give up working insane hours because his family did not want to give up some of the luxurious things. If that is you, you really need to ask yourself the question if those people you surround yourself with are really healthy for you. If you become a money-making machine to create comfort for the so-called loved-ones around you, you should consider if those people truly love you.

Understand that life is happening FOR not AGAINST you.

This is my biggest advice I can give. Even if it looks like the Universe or Life has something against you. Understand that even if we let go of some dreams, they might come back to us at a different time. Or maybe life was leading you back onto your path. Trust the process. Understand that when one dream is dying another one will be born. You might even call it a reincarnation of the dream you have let go of.

Letting go makes room for what needs to be in your life. Letting go can help you raise awareness of your own value. It frees us from the expectations we have had. And sometimes you might be thankful that the dream has never come to reality because something bigger and better has happened to you or you understood that the dream you have had would have come with a significant burden.

The Dalai Lama has put that beautifully in one of my most favorite quotes:

“Remember that not getting what you want is sometimes a wonderful stroke of luck.”

strong heart awakening

Article written by Jennifer White of Strong Heart Awakening.   Jennifer White Ad. Dip. Psych. is a global human potential thought leader, blogger, Psychological Therapist with CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) skills, Life Coach and Public and Motivational Speaker. Jennifer White has experience in counseling and coaching people with substance misuse, anxiety and depression. She is currently working as a self-employed Psychological Therapist and Life Coach in her practice, helping people reaching their real potential.  She holds public and motivational speeches and shared her ideas with other speakers on the stage of the Celebrate Your Life event in Arizona 2016. She runs successfully her self-development and self-help groups on- and offline. You can also find Jennifer on Medium.com.

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