5 Things Needed to Build A Strong Love Foundation

We’ve been talking a lot lately about Twin Flames and Soulmates. We love this topic and the romantic feelings that go along with thinking about it and hearing stories about undying love between two people. 


There is one item, however, that we haven’t really mentioned here and that is that you do not have to be Soulmates or Twin Flames in order to love someone. The world is filled with many types of love. In fact, one of the reasons why love is such a powerful phenomenon is because the source from which it is drawn is immeasurable. That is to say that for us as humans, love is plentiful and, for all we know endless too.  All you need to really love another person is a deep love foundation.   A strongly built love foundation is what life partners are made out of. 


There are a variety of reasons why we choose the mates that we do or the friend relationships that we do.  There are numerous studies that talk about preferences regarding potential life partners (link is external)


What are the qualities that make up this greatness that we call love? While there are many amazing aspects of love, these are five that show up in every relationship,  from parent or child love to friendship, to passionate romantic love.


5 Things Needed to Build a Strong Love Foundation


Respect – love begins in the house of respect. A child is attached to her parents and she relies on them to take care of her, but the choice of love always begins with respect. When we choose our friends or our lovers, we first notice them because we like them, or they possess a quality we wish we had. We respect them for some reason even if that is not always clear in our minds.


Friendship – After respect comes friendship. This is important in any form of love. Even in a romantic setting friendship is important. Some people believe that friendship in marriage or a life Long relationship is actually more important than love itself. Perhaps this is because friendship is an integral piece of the foundation for love. Without friendship, love would not be possible.


Understanding – Understanding or compassion as we like to call it is so important and it must be present in any form of love. Often times in long-term or life Long relationships, this is the aspect that begins to fade away after years of focusing on the wrong aspects of the relationship. However, if you take the right steps towards going back to a place of understanding, compassion, and (we’re going to add one more here) acceptance, you will better be able to cultivate the love that you share with others.


Communication – this isn’t just a foundation for Love, it’s a foundation for all communication and interactions in your life. Bosses, coworkers, the person ahead of you in line at the grocery store all require communication. Love especially is built on communication. Besides day to day communication, one must be able to communicate their love to the other. If this does not happen then there is no way for an energy exchange, which is essential to expressing love to each other.


Companionship – companionship is more than simple friendship. It implies a fuller relationship, attachment, and even Life alignment. However, it also implies a certain independence as well. Allowing your partner the space to live their own lives. A friend is someone you call upon for anything, a companion is someone you support, but allow them the freedom to make their own choices. Now you see why true love is comprised of friendship and companionship both?


If you have these qualities, you have your love foundation. It doesn’t have to be a twin flame. It doesn’t have to be a soulmate or someone you spent past lives with, it just has to be someone you love.


How is your Love Foundation? It’s never too late to start building one.

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