3 Ways Your Love Relationship May Serve a Larger Purpose


Have you ever considered the fact that your relationship may serve a larger purpose beyond physical satisfaction and personal fulfillment? How often in your life have you found yourself in a stagnant state with your partner? Consider this: the universe may be calling out to you for something more.


Just as we are all here to serve a purpose, so too do we as a unit or coupled with others. Together we serve a greater purpose. Whereas this fact is more easily identified in working relationships and groups, it is almost always overlooked or simply not realized in romantic relationships.


We are bombarded with societal ideas of what a romantic relationship is and what it should look like. From childhood, we see in movies, magazines, television, pop culture, and literature what it is that a relationship should look like. We are destined to be with our partners we are taught. What we are not told, however, is that when we find the person that is right for us, there is also a reason we are destined to be with that person, even if it’s not an obvious one.

Here are 3 Ways Your Love Relationship May Serve a Larger Purpose


Spiritual Growth

Spiritual growth is something that takes place within an individual as a direct result of another person. We should be able to continuously grow spiritually as well as evolve into better people as a result of our relationship. Once this is no longer the case, then we have reached a point of stagnation. Stagnation within a relationship is a sign that it’s time to make a change. This doesn’t mean leaving your partner perse, simply that change is needed in order to sustain the true purpose of the relationship.


Societal Growth

Societal growth is a purpose that extends beyond the two of you and has a direct impact not only on the people around you but on society as a whole. This is often the purpose of relationships with your twin flame when you are able to come together to make amazing progress in society somehow.


Energy Exchange

The purpose of energy exchange is far more important than it seems at first glance. If you think about it, possessing energy in life is so important to everything you do. The exchange of energy is what keeps people going day in and day out. A true partnership will have an equal energy exchange of giving and taking. Like breathing in and out. This exchange is especially fulfilling when the exchange comes from a romantic partner because you have such a deep soul connection with that person, or at least you should!


We are here for each other just as much as we are here for ourselves. Whatever your Life purpose may be, you share other smaller (or sometimes larger) life purposes with others. The most important purpose of all, to have an open heart and keep the love flowing. Comment below and tell us how your relationship may serve a larger purpose.

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