5 Ways to Tell if You’ve Met Your Soulmate

When people start talking about what defines a soulmate, there are a lot of skeptical people that believe this person does not exist. But if you believe it or not, choose to define it or not, there is a strange phenomenon of love that happens between two people that claim to speak otherwise. So, have you met your soulmate? 


First off, it’s important to distinguish that there are different types of soulmates that will likely enter into your life over the years (see article 5 Types Of Soulmates That Will Likely Show Up in Your LIfe).


But how do you know when this person arrives and what do you do once they have? Here are five sure ways to know when you’ve met that special person who is your soulmate.  


5 Ways to Tell If You Have Met a Soulmate


Emotional Connection

There is something inside of you that melts when this person is around you. When they are gone, you feel emotions of sadness and are always excited to see them. They connect with you on an emotional level. They understand you in a way that no one else can. You are attached to them.  Knowing that the person is doing their thing in the world makes you feel safe.


Energy Draws You Close

When you first meet your soulmate, the energy between you is a powerful magnetic draw. It is almost like you are a puppet and the universe is a puppeteer pulling you together.


Fate Continues to Bring You Together

The energy is so strong that even if you are not life Long lovers or partners, the universe continues to draw you together. You have business together in this world, perhaps spiritual, perhaps physical, but against all odds this person continues to enter your world.


Instantly Holds Heartspace

This person is in your heart space all the time. Your thoughts dwell on them often. When you see them, your heart melts and your anxiety dissipates.


Feelings of Completeness

When you are with this person, all your questions go away, you feel whole and complete. You are two chips off the old block, two peas in a pod. You have a destiny in this universe, but it is lonely and not clear to you until you are with your soulmate.

They Make You a Better Person

Most importantly, they make you want to be a better person. This is how to distinguish the difference between a soulmate and someone you share a great deal of passion for. A true soulmate will instantly change you so that you will want to be a better person.


At the end of the day, this is the last person you think of before you go to bed. Often times this person is a lover and or spouse, but not necessarily. One thing you can know for certain, this person remains in your thoughts and your heart. They drive you to become better. You share the same energies in the universe. The love is plentiful.


So how will you know when you have met your soulmate? Most of the time you just will. Magnetism reveals it to you. Comment below and tell us, do you know who your soulmate is?

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