Karma Has No Menu. You Get Served What You Deserve

“Karma has no menu. You get served what you deserve.” —Unknown Author

“The idea that karma is a moral justice system in which positive thoughts bring good things and negativity is a curse is not accurate.

It is so easy to confuse karma as “I cut someone off in traffic two years ago, so that’s why this bad thing is now occurring,” when it’s really “my thoughts, feelings, and words fuel my actions, thus feeding the karmic cycle of life.”

Karma is action channeled by thought. If your friend walks around saying “I’m doomed,” she is not simply condemning herself, she is repeating a familiar, negative thought pattern that can wreak havoc on her present and future decisions.

It’s not good vs. bad, it’s a constant work in progress on our journey through this life—that’s karma!”


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Karma haas no menu

Reference: Yoga Journal, What Is Karma, Really?

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