How Forgiveness Can Change Your Life and Make You a Stronger Person

Is there anyone in your life who has caused you pain that you can’t forgive? How about yourself? Have you messed up certain areas of your life or been the cause of someone else’s pain, but you can’t seem to forgive? Do you often find yourself focusing on the pain and misfortune of the past rather than enjoying your life in the present moment? What if it was possible to move on from that and live a happy healthy life in the present moment?


Forgiveness is one of the best cures for unhappiness, spiritual stagnation, depression, and anxiety. When you can forgive you can let go of the things that are causing you pain and become happier as a result. It’s an amazing feeling.

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Here are some ways that the act of forgiving can change your life and make you a stronger person.



Forgiveness makes you less vulnerable to the people who have or will cause you pain in your life

To be vulnerable is to open yourself up to pain. Will you forgive people for hurting you, it’s not fully with their benefit, although it does have the power to change lives. The benefit is for you. Because when you forgive, it makes you less vulnerable to the people who have caused you pain in your life. It closes the door to the pains of experience so that you were able to open it to let in more positive emotions into your life.

Forgiveness allows us to let go of the pain we have suffered

At the same time forgiveness allows us to let go of the suffering caused by the pain we received from others. Forgiveness is the practice of letting go and healing. Both letting-go and healing are amazing food for the spirit. Neither one can truly be experienced without the act of forgiveness.  What you might not realize is that forgiveness is a choice that you make, and it is your choice how you want to feel, not other’s. In this way forgiveness is a very powerful tool.


Forgiveness opens a path toward spiritual transcendence

In order to transcend worldly pain, you must be able to forgive. It’s the only way. As a result, you can transcend this through the power of healing and positive emotions put out into the world. It puts you on a different plain that you perhaps have never been able to experience before. In essence, it opens heart space by allowing us to rid ourselves of the negative and make more room for the positive things in life.


You might be thinking that there are some people here that have done awful things to you and as a result forgiveness is impossible. You might think that you are incapable. Although it might seem this way and forgiveness is never easy, it is possible. Like anything else, it takes hard work to overcome tragedy in your life. But once you do, this we promise, you will be better for it. Much love in your journey to a new place where you can let go of the struggle of the past and put forgiveness out into the universe. 

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