How You Treat Others Is A Reflection Of What You Hold Within

Being mindful of how you treat others can determine what kind of heart space you are opening up to others. We are not talking about your friends and family purse, but of course, they should be treated with love and care. We are talking about all people; any human being that you come into contact with on a daily basis. Even the most grouchy ones. Even the ugly and the sick and the hopeless who seem to affect you in a negative way.


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How We Treat Others


The act of mistreating creates a cycle of dehumanization.  

As humans, we carry a powerful darkness within. It is part of the human condition and when triggered it feels so natural we do not even realize when are allowing it enter into our being. When we treat others poorly, we are dehumanizing that person in our brains. Mistreat that person enough and eventually, you will lose empathy and love for that person and for yourself. It is a vicious cycle that can be seen throughout history resulting in billions of deaths. To prevent history from repeating itself, we have a duty to stay mindful of how we treat other people.


Being mean-spirited opens a darkness we all carry inside.

That darkness is like a row of transformers. When one goes off, they all are soon to follow. The chain reaction continues through the day and carries from person to person for a great and unimaginable distance. When we are mindlessly targeting individuals or an individual, even “in good fun,” we open our heart space up to dark forces and lose control of our own destinies. Worse, we lose the capacity to give and receive the love in the world that is so desperately needed.


Hate is a seed that will fester inside and grow if given the right set of circumstances. We like to blame our negative emotions on outside forces. Consider the coworker who is not good at her job. Her coworkers may sound something like this when she’s not around: “if she wasn’t so bad at her job we wouldn’t be saying anything bad about  her.” But that’s not true, is it? The seed is already there within us (the host) we nourish it with the negative emotions allowed to reach that seed. The larger it grows, the harder it is to contain.


Being mindful of negative thoughts and not allowing them to transcend is how to hold on to love.

We must be mindful of our thoughts and mindful of the actions we produce as a result. We all have negative thinking, it’s what we do with it that determines what comes next. Consider instead the above scenario, instead of talking about your coworker who is bad at her job, talk to her. Be honest and patient. Show her how to do better, even if you have to do it a hundred or a thousand times. Even if she never gets better. Even she is a bad person herself who talks a lot about you to everyone else all the time. Why? Because YOU are a good person. Because how you treat others is a reflection of what you are allowing to grow inside of you. Who you are on the inside is exactly the energy you will attract on the outside.


So the choice is yours. Become a loving force in the world, or continue to spread the poison that in the end dehumanizes, hurts, and creates suffering where there should be and could be love.

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