3 Ways to Cope With a Narcissistic Boss Before You Go Crazy

Recently we published an article to help you determine if your boss was narcissistic or they had narcissistic tendencies.  If your boss is abusive and narcissistic, you are probably struggling at work. You may even be struggling with anxiety, depression and self-esteem issues as a result. An abusive work environment is extremely unhealthy and if you have to deal with a narcissist on a daily basis, it is important for you to find strategies to help you cope.


Here are three ways to help you cope with your, probably not so easy to live in, work situation.


Do NOT react or allow yourself to be provoked

A narcissistic boss will do whatever it takes to get a negative reaction from you. They take great pleasure in seeing you spill the beans. They will ruthlessly provoke no matter how bad you are want to react to their bare, don’t do it, otherwise, you will become just another fish in their pond to real in at will. The secret is to never show them how you’re feeling. When they detect the emotion, they find your weak point and gain a little more control. They will use the emotion to wear you down.


Stop seeking approval

 Seeking approval from a narcissistic boss isn’t just a pointless effort, but it just fuels the beast. Letting them know you need their approval grows their ego even larger to a place where they believe they are better than you. What happens then? They step all over you. They attack you and continue to put you down in order to keep themselves up. Remember this one important fact, you do not need the approval of your boss to do good work. The proof is in the pudding, so keep your head down and do what you need to do, and forget about trying to make the impossible possible.


Do not argue no matter how right you may be

Emotions run high when you argue. Remember you cannot let your narcissistic boss see your emotions. Arguing with a narcissist is basically impossible, however, is destructive— self-destructive. Anything You say or so will be held against you. They will twist your words and use them against you at every chance they get. If they feel like you are lashing out at them in any way, or bringing down their ego I’m an argument, especially if you’re right, they will set out to destroy you. Don’t argue, just keep your head down, do your job, and save your viewpoint for someone who will listen.


Working with a narcissistic boss is not an easy thing to do and, although you will find moments of unity, it will never become easy. The important thing is to stay out of their line of fire as much as possible. Stay true to yourself and do NOT let them gain control over your emotions in any way. Remember, no matter how much they get under your skin, you can never show them how much you are affected by them. Eventually, they will get bored and prey on someone else.


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