Four Truths Revealed in Every Romantic Relationship

Here’s a truth about relationships: they are hard. At first, they seem so easy and so right, but at some point, you will hit turbulence. Like all things in life worthwhile, a happy relationship takes work, time, and lots of patience.


The question many people ask is, in the end, is it worth it? Keep reading.

Here are four truths that everyone should know about romantic love.


In the beginning, we look over things that will bother us later

Love is so exciting in the beginning that we have a tendency to overlook certain qualities about the other person that we otherwise might not be so quick to dismiss. Likewise, we will display certain behaviors ourselves that is not necessarily an honest representation of who we are in order to make the other person like us more. In the beginning phases of romantic relationships, we tend to create a facade of what we feel the other person wants. In time, however, we begin to show our colors. True love comes in being able to accept the other person for all their faults as well as their strengths.  


It’s Not Fair or Kind to Ask Your Spouse to Change for You

Asking your spouse to change who they are is basically the same as telling them that you don’t like them the way they are and that your love for them is not unconditional because you are putting conditions on it.


So often people enter into relationships hoping to change the person into someone else or more like yourself, but that never works. Love does not work like that. People change, naturally; but, that change must come from an internal source or it’s not real change. Love happens with no conditions, only love.  Once you try to put conditions of love, you are forcing the relationship to change into something it isn’t. 


Almost 100% of Relationship Problems is a Result of Selfish Behavior

This is a tough lesson to learn. When you are in a relationship, you have more people to think about than just yourself. When couples have problems it is almost always a result of one or both people being selfish within the relationship. Love is not, nor should it be,  about what the other person can do for you, it’s about what you do for each other.  A relationship is a two-way street.  We often get caught up in either taking too much or giving too much instead of letting love flow in a reciprocal fashion. 


Love Hurts, But It’s Worth It

Love is the route of pain and suffering. We would not grieve if were not for love. We would not be lonely, we would not feel neglected. For humans, love is a double-edged sword. It is both a curse and a gift to us. It can bring the most satisfying feelings of happiness and joy, pain and grief. Love is not a single emotion, it is an accumulation of another being and a spectrum of emotions.


If you accept these four simple truths about romantic love then there is no reason why you shouldn’t have success in your relationship.


Remember, love is not about finding the perfect person, it’s about finding the imperfect person and loving them anyway. Thanks for joining us as we attempt to open heart space.

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