Are You a Sensitive Being? 3 Tips to Help You Cope in a World of Insensitivity

People have told you, but you already knew that you are different than most people. You are a sensitive being. You are a creature of emotion. And you cry over everything. TV Shows, movies, basketball games. The spectrum of emotions, as well as the degree to which you feel them, is far greater than the average person. People try to change you by telling you that you are too sensitive, that you take things too personally. Sometimes your own family doesn’t understand you. They don’t get why you are upset and they feel like they don’t know what to do not to upset you.


That’s because they are assuming that being upset is a bad thing and they are trying to prevent it as a result. What they actually should be doing is giving you the space to experience it even if they are unable to experience it with you.  


If you are a sensitive being, then you need to know this one fact: Being sensitive and experiencing life through emotions is not a bad thing. Did you get that?


Being sensitive is good. Your brain works differently than others and that can be a great movement towards change.

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Unfortunately, not everyone understands a sensitive person. Your world may just be too far removed from theirs. If this is the case, then here are 3 ideas to help you cope as a sensitive person living in an insensitive world.

Keep a Thought Journal

Sensitive people need to feel free to experience their emotions. There is nothing worse than clipping the wings of a sensitive person and making them feel ashamed for needing their freedom in the first place. Other people might not see it this way. A journal is a place for you to soar free. You can take the time and wander from emotion to emotion without judgment. Just be sure to keep it in a safe place.


Use the Emotions For a Higher Purposes

When you feel emotions so intensely, it is hard to hold the emotions back from pouring all over the place. If you can, however, save the outburst and focus the same energy on more productive parts of your life, then you are learning to master your sensitivity and use it for real good in the world.


Spend Time Alone in Nature

These two items are especially important. For one, sensitive people need to have time to fully experience or take in the world. Because sensitive people have a tendency to take on the energy of others, they can easily become depleted and so it is important for them to connect with a greater source to recharge. Spending time in nature is an easy, satisfying way to do that.  


Above all else, remember that no matter how other people may perceive you, the real truth is that your sensitivity is a gift. Doreen Virtue says: “When we realize that sensitivity is a gift and not a liability, that’s when we start to get our strength.”


Are you a sensitive being? Comment below and share your stories with the community so they know they’re not alone.

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  1. Jan says

    I am sensitive to people and injustices, slights and hurts. It has been difficult in this current culture because people have lost a sense of basic civility and compasssion. They don’t have empathy anymore and are only focused on getting what they want, even if that hurts others. I often wonder how they sleep at night or how they can look their own children in the eyes with the things that they say and do. Sometimes, I respond with truth, kindness and love, but it can be exhausting. Other times, I just withdraw because getting caught up in the chaos where no one is listening isn’t worth it, and, can even be harmful – especially to me. It is hard being sensitive now, even when you have good self-protection skills. The negativity can be overwhelming.

    1. Heidi Dellaire says

      I completely understand. I truly believe that our sensitivity is our superpower. Create good boundaries and continue to be your beautiful, sensitive self.

    2. K. Rushing says

      I totally understand I so know exactly what you are saying. I’m not perfect but always tried to treat others like I would want to be treated. And not judge till I put the shoe on the other foot, but people are heartless and selfish and only want what they can get out of you. It wears you out trying trying and always feeling hurt. It just keeps adding a brick to that wall.

  2. N. says

    Well said Jan.., I felt your words. In an effort to “armour up” I have to keep hurtful encounters at bay and I do this by looking for one of my daily “gifts”. That or I retreat to solitude where things are quite, and peaceful.., hugging one of my critters helps too.

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