3 Areas In Which To Nourish Your Life

Are you feeling starved in your spiritual life? Are you anxious and tired all of the time? Perhaps you are seeking spiritual wellness and you are not even aware you are in need.

So many people go about their day to day lives not realizing that they are malnourished beings. We live in a world that mass produces food like you wouldn’t believe and here we are, Nations full of malnourished people in body and soul.

Here are three areas in which to nourish your life more every day.

Your physical self– Food is plentiful, this is true. But are you treating yourself the way you should be? Remember that saying “you are what you eat”? Are you giving your body whole foods? Are you giving your body nourishment, cutting back on the sugars and other additives and toxins? If you think about it, our bodies give give give all the time. For so many of us, our bodies just keep running even though we don’t give them the fuel they need to run on. We take our bodies for granted far too often. Maybe it is time to thank your body for always being there when you needed it by giving it the proper nutrition it deserves.

Your emotional self- How much stress are you under lately? How much more stress do you plan on piling on? On an average day, how much do your thoughts tend towards the negative? Going through the hustle bustle of life we tend to ignore our emotions. The problem with emotions is that they can’t be swallowed without being dealt with first because they are not properly digested. As a result, they are often regurgitated into more complex negative emotions. Remember to schedule some YOU time to deal with that anxiety. Take yourself shopping, do some art, journal, take a walk, do whatever makes you feel good. But nourish those emotions before they turn bad on you.

Your spiritual self- The most complex of the three categories is how to nourish the spirit. Spending time with good loving people doing the things you love. Going outside, enjoying nature. Writing, reading, creativity, and spiritual and religious study are all ways to nourish the spirit.  I know that I make it a daily practice to incorporate something in for my spiritual needs. I may listen to a podcast, watch a video or read a passage or two from a spiritual or inspirational leader. 

Your physical body, your emotional self, and your spirit all collide and sway together in order to make up that amazing person that is YOU. When you starve one, multiple, or in some cases, all aspects of you, you are not treating yourself the way you deserve to be treated. Just as our babies and children must be nourished in these ways, so too do adults. The only difference is that later on in life it becomes the responsibility of the adults to take care of themselves.

Perhaps you are not taking the best care of yourself. Perhaps you never properly learned how in childhood. Perhaps neglect and spiritual starvation are all you know. Perhaps; deep down inside you feel like you don’t deserve good things. Sometimes creating a greater change within yourself so that you are more equipped to give yourself nourishment in your life is necessary.

Let us know how you are making changes to help nourish your entire being.

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