5 Hidden Issues that Find Their Way into Almost Every Relationship

Few couples (if any) escape the issues that leak through the fabric of that amazing thing we call love. There are issues in every relationship. These issues, as detrimental as they may seem at the time, can actually be used to strengthen a relationship. You’ve heard the saying “what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger? Well, the same is true in relationships. 


At the beginning of a relationship, it can be difficult to imagine things going wrong. Falling in love is such bliss. No one sets out at the beginning of a relationship to hurt the other person, yet it is something that happens over time and problems materialize eventually for all couples. Here’s a few to look out for.


5 Issues in Every Relationship


Loss of Objectivity

Sometimes couples become so wrapped up in how they are feeling that they forget to put themselves in their partner’s shoes. We come home after work and are so tired and complain to our significant other, but without asking how their day was. Thinking of what the other person is going through and putting their needs ahead of yours as often as you can.


Settling for the Dust

As relationships grow and the people in them change, we forget how important it is to spend time getting to know each other. Couples often take each other for granted, settle for the way things are, or simply refuse to progress with the times



There is only one thing that is worse than being lonely and that is being lonely while in a relationship. Feelings of loneliness within a relationship will not only create distance but feelings of dissatisfaction and even resentment over time. It also can be a key driver of both physical and emotional affairs. Once the emotion is set into motion, it is difficult to rein it in and sometimes those feelings will be felt unnecessarily or without provocation.


Not Caring About the Other’s Feelings

Sometimes when we get so wrapped up in our own feelings it’s hard to remember that the other person involved has feelings too.  Being in a relationship means you have to think about more than just yourself and how you feel about things. It means right or wrong, the other person is acting a certain way because of something that’s happened between you. It’s your responsibility to put yourself in the other person shoes.



Emotional distance from your partner is something that often happens over time without the couple even realizing that it’s happening as it’s happening. It’s something that pops up from time to time in relationships and must be overcome. This can be extremely lonely and destructive for any couple, so being aware that it could happen to you is a good first step in preventing it. 


Relationships are a lot of work and if you ignore them problems will arise. No relationship is easy. Nothing in life worth doing is easy. But if you know what to look for ahead of time, it might help you make wiser decisions in your relationship for happier healthier life together and avoid these 5 hidden issues in every relationship. 

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