Teaching Our Girls The Difference Between Beautiful And Sexy On Social Media

When visiting multiple social media sites, it has become clear that our young ladies have lost sight of what true beauty is. In fact, it seems to us that so many of these girls, I mean 13, 14, and 15-year-old girls flaunting their bodies on the internet for anyone to see, are confused as to what true self-expression means.


It’s not a question of modestly perse nor is it a question of self-respect, since many young girls are lacking in that department. You see, for many women, self-respect must be learned and even earned over time. It’s a question of whether these young girls really understand the difference between beautiful and sexy. Take a look around at society. Go on Instagram and Musically and see what everyone is doing. Can you blame them for thinking the way that they do?


So parents, if you see this, do us a kind one and share with your kids. Help us cure the issue.


15 Items Every Teen Should Understand About Beauty on the Internet

  1. Beauty is not an image you have to work for
  2. Being beautiful means you are sexy too, but without having to flaunt it
  3. Sexy isn’t always beautiful, but beautiful is almost always sexy to the right people in your life
  4. When you flaunt yourself online in a promiscuous way you attract the wrong kind of people, perhaps even dangerously so.
  5. Beautiful women do not need to oversexualize themselves
  6. They are perpetuating the issue and increase the likelihood for it to continue and get stronger embedded in culture for future generations. 
  7. Beauty is so much more than looks
  8. Self-esteem is so much more than looks
  9. A style is so much more than looks
  10.  Ask them, why do you feel a need to put yourself on the market? Especially online? What statement are you trying to portray? Is the way you are doing it effective?
  11. Posting inappropriate photos can ruin your reputation now AND later
  12. You do not need social media to gain a good self-image. You should not be defined by other people
  13. It is unhealthy to compare yourself to others on social media. 
  14. Putting yourself out there for all to see doesn’t make you beautiful or sexy, but it does make you vulnerable.
  15. Beauty is not an image, it’s a reality.


The reality is that we have young ladies and tween girls out there trying to portray themselves on social media because they think that it will make them beautiful, loved and self-defined. These young girls who struggle to understand themselves and their womanhood are falling into the trap of social media because of its appearance as an open path that they believe will lead them to what they are seeking: self-understanding, acceptance, and love. All of which should not come from social media any more than it should come from drugs or alcohol. Why? Because they are beautiful just the way they are and they don’t need to push themselves out into society to prove it. Let’s teach our girls that they’re worth it because they are!

What do you think? Comment below and let us know. Do you think the way young girls are posting online is a concern?

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