Why Being Happy Is So Hard To Do

We all want to be happy. In fact, it’s not so far-fetched to say that we all strive for happiness in our lives. Yet, something that should be so simple and so attainable to everyone tends to be a difficult journey. But wait, shouldn’t being happy be easy? What we need to understand about happiness is that it is an emotional state of being. As a result, the attainable myth of happiness fluctuates as does a person’s mood.


People, on some level, discover that happiness is a result of choices made over aspects of oneself that can be controlled. Aspects such as perception, mood, and willingness to put out positive energy to help people. Yet, it really is easier said than done. There are certain things both mental and physical that keep us away from obtaining our goal of happiness.


Here are 5 reasons why being happy is so difficult for some people to do. Understanding these five qualities is important because understanding obstacle helps you avoid the obstacle. 


Fear- fear is necessary for safety. It is because of fear we have evolved as a species at all; and while there is no denying the fact that fear is an important part of our psyche (for example, one does not want to put themselves in harm’s way unnecessary) there is a Point when it becomes more harmful to your overall wellbeing than good. For example, when fear prevents us from living our lives or taking necessary risks that will possibly lead to happiness, later on, it is doing more harm in our lives.  Fear is present to protect us, but what protects us from fear? You are bigger than the fear because the fear is simply a part of you. Sometimes we must overcome the fear and take a leap of faith in order to find happiness in the end.


What we choose to focus on- there’s this great meme that circulates (you may have seen it) with two men riding on a bus. They are sitting on opposites sides of the bus and one looks out at nothing but a rocky hillside, bland and boring. He looks miserable and tired. The other is looking or over a beautiful landscape, a big smile and camera in hand. What we see in life and how we perceive it is so often our choice. The bus was not full, the other man just needed to change his view.  Sometimes we don’t realize there’s another view and so we are prevented from being happy. When things seem dire, it is important to look around for another brighter perspective in life.


Small things get in the way- have you ever allowed one little thing to ruin your day? It could be the simplest thing, like stepping into a mud puddle. We allow our mood to change and our mood decides much too often how we will perceive everything else around us. Small stuff will congregate and prevent happiness from coming along and will eventually cause mental clouds full of rain.


People bring us down- you could be on the top of the world, happy as a clam, and it doesn’t make any difference when there are negative people around to bring you down. This is a very common issue that will impede your happiness. Not allowing others to bring you down is a hard skill to learn yet it is necessary if you want to reach your goal of happiness.


Unhealthy Lifestyle – Last we would like to touch on the subject of living an unhealthy lifestyle. When you choose to not feed your body nutritious foods or get exercise, happiness becomes yet another unattainable goal for you. It is hard to be happy when you’re misreading yourself and your temple of a body. Get outside, take a walk.  Walks will help clear the fog and help you see and blocks that you may have to work on.


Happiness is a tough goal to achieve, but it’s not impossible. In fact, if you get to figure out how to deal with these key barriers, then you will be on your way to a happy life.


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