How Do You Know If Someone Genuinely Cares For You?

How do you know if someone genuinely cares for you?To some of us, this might seem like a silly thing to wonder about. After all, isn’t it obvious to know when someone really cares about you? You might think so, but sometimes when you are in the relationship, it is difficult to detect the good qualities and feelings. So often our minds focus on the negative when it comes to our partners when our minds should be focused on the positive.


If you are wondering if your partner or loved one genuinely cares about you, here are just a few ways to know for sure. 


When the person is able to look past your mental instabilities– most people have them! But only someone who really cares about you can live with them. If your loved one repeatedly looks past your faults then its fair to say they probably love you… A LOT.


They repeatedly go out of their way for you -When we have people in our lives that repeatedly go out of their way for us, it’s a sure fire way to know that they love you.  It isn’t hard to extend ourselves for the people we love. 


They take action to make sure you are comfortable– consider this thought: you’ve seen it in movies and maybe you’ve had it happen to you. Have you ever wondered why it is considered to be romantic for a man to give a woman his jacket? The answer is actually quite simple. Because when you love someone, you take action to make sure that someone is comfortable.


They become worried when they think something is wrong– people who care about you will worry incessantly about you when they think something is wrong. After all, if they didn’t care they wouldn’t worry. It’s common behavior to worry about those that we care about when something seems off. 


They sometimes put your needs before their own– when your significant other gives up something that he or she wants to do in order to do what you want. When they spend their last dime to take you out or get up earlier than they need to in order to make you coffee. When they rub your back even though their fingers ache— these are things people who love you will do. Because when you genuinely care about someone, often times you will put their needs above your own. That doesn’t mean that boundaries are being lessened, it just shows care. 


I’ve seen it before in relationships. For some reason or for reasons unknown, one person will eventually stop seeing all the love being offered up by the other. More times than not, this is a latent, but savage, attempt to get more love and attention. The next time you question someone’s love, ask yourself, do they fall into any of these categories? If the answer is yes, then ask yourself: do you?

I don’t know about you, but for me the little things someone does to ease your day really show their care about you.

We are all about action here at Love Wide Open.  Your actions and what you do for others speaks for themselves.

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