Reconnect With Your Loved Ones Right Now

This might seem like a strong title. But the truth is none of us know how much time we will have on this earth with our loved ones. We don’t realize sometimes how important it is to be with the ones we love. To not allow the little things to get us down or come between us. It sounds simple, but most of you will agree it’s a lot more complex than it seems.


There are many reasons why we disconnect from the people that mean the most to us. Some of the leading causes being grief, depression, anxiety, and (most common) a fear of getting hurt. If you find that you have been keeping your loved ones at arms- length for long enough but aren’t sure how to reconnect, here are some tips that can help you reconnect with the special ones in your life. After all, life is too short to keep out the good.


Tips To Help You Reconnect With Your Loved Ones


Reconnect with your first love—YOU!

Have you ever heard the saying that true love and intimacy begins with you? Well, guess what? It’s true! If you want to be able to reconnect with the people in your Life that you pushed away you must first do some soul searching. You must reconnect with yourself. You must discover why you pushed them away in the first place and overcome those ghosts lest it happens again.


Acknowledge your strong (and weak) suits.

Much of what we know of love we learn in childhood. In many ways, we are a product of our upbringing. That does not mean you don’t have the power to change. In order to reconnect, we must understand how we are best at expressing love and make our loved ones understand our intent. We must also identify where we are lacking and work on learning new ways to connect with the ones we love. No one ever said it would be easy.


Be mindful of your feelings and do not allow them to unravel on their own

Losing connectedness with the people we love often stems from an inability to understand or control certain emotions we are experiencing. Certain life events can trigger emotions we’ve carried inside that we didn’t even know about. The grief of the passing of a loved one is a prime example of resurfacing emotions that we may take out on loved ones as a result of lost control. Isn’t it easier to hide away and disconnect than it is to lash out at the people we love? The best thing to do in this situation is to identify your feelings, do not allow them to stay locked inside, but do not allow them to unravel on their own either. Don’t allow the hurt to infect the relationship. Communicate what is going on with you to your loved ones. Communication is key.


In the end, the best way to reconnect with the people you’ve pushed away is by gaining clarity in the situation. Taking responsibility for your actions and emotions. Understanding the part you’re playing in the situation, whatever that is, and moving on to a brighter place. The worst thing you can do is not reconnect. At the end that will only bring you to a place of regret. It’s not too late to start reconnecting now! Good luck. ❤

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