5 Ways Nature Has The Power To Heal A Broken Soul

When you get to the point that life starts to bring you down, nature can heal. Nature is a powerful tool that humans have become increasingly disconnected from over time. It has the power to heal a broken soul, to mend a broken heart, and probably most notable, has the power to bring you back to yourself.


When is the last time you took a long walk through the woods? The last time you admired the size of the trees, or traveled to the ocean to watch the waves crash upon the shore? Nature and all of its beauty is far more powerful than the individual person. Sometimes when we sit back and allow the power of nature to overcome us, we become aware of how it makes us feel. At that time we realize our connectivity. We realize that what we are experiencing in nature is what makes up who we are.


We can connect with nature, we can let our problems go into the universe of chaos. We can let go of control, power, stress, negative feelings. We can let nature decide what to do with those things. Nature has the power to heal brokenness, it’s true.

Here are 5 ways nature can become a healer for you too:


Relieves anxiety and daily stress:

The way that nature can reduce anxiety and alleviate stress is actually quite physical. Studies show that when you are out in nature, getting fresh air, taking a stroll, it not only pulls you away from the daily activities that cause you stress, but it also decreases blood pressure and increases the heart beating to a healthy level. All of which decreases stress and anxiety. It’s science


Takes us out of daily routine:

That brings us to our next category. Connecting with nature takes us out of our daily routine. It allows us to leave your cell phone and TVs behind for a moment along with the stress of work, home, or whatever else may be the cause of overstimulation in your life.


Puts life into perspective:

When you were out in the vastness of nature, you realize how large the universe really is. You realize how small you are and how short your life is. It helps to put the trivialities daily life into perspective. It helps you remember what’s really important so you can let go of the things that are not.


Helps gain mental awareness:

Being present in the beauty of the earth stimulates the brain. According to the website Psychological Healthcare of Australia, “Spending time in nature actually has a physiological effect on the body, reducing blood pressure and the hormone cortisol, which is linked to stress. Being in beautiful outdoor surroundings acts as refreshment for the brain, which can also improve focus, creativity, and problem-solving abilities.”


Gives you ample opportunity to let go:

 Nature is the best teacher of how to let go of negative emotions or things in the past that are tearing you down. Just watch the way the water flows. Watch the waves break on shore, how they wash away the sand and push it back renewed. People in emotions flow much the same way in the universe. When you are in nature and you feel amazing and you have complete mental clarity, it is the best time to let go of your troubles, to watch them be taken away by the waves along with the sand.


In the end, nature gives us a place in the universe. Remember, your place although it may seem small is very special and it’s yours. When you are broken, try going outside. Nature will know what do for you. 

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