You Don’t Need A Plan To Get To Where You Belong In Life

Life is so much more than a plan, wouldn’t you agree? At a young age, we are taught that we need a life plan. How many times do parents and teachers ask young children, what do you want to be when you grow up? How much pressure do we put on our children to go to colleges and choose a field of study? 


Try not and interpret this the wrong way. We are not implying that having a plan is bad perse, nor that you should not follow a calling just because you are young. What we are saying, however, is that having a life plan is over-rated, and even destructive in some situations.  Above all, it is important to not allow a plan to completely define who you are or how you live your life. Life is not a roadmap and rarely it ends the way we want it to.


Here’s what you need to know about life planning:


Beware of a missed opportunity due to micro-focusing.

Consider the photographer so set on getting the single closeup of a bird that she misses the flock flying past the setting sun. Consider the fisherman chasing the fish whilst a pool of them trail behind him. Sometimes when we look too far ahead, we miss what is happening around us. The missed opportunity is the fear that pushes us to create the plan in the first place, right? Keep in mind that people have the power to manifest their own destinies. The fear itself has the power to corrupt, so don’t let it dictate your life.


Why define yourself or your success by a life goal?

You are not your success, How close to your goal, how much money you make, how nice your house is, none of those things define who YOU are. In fact, those are material things that take you away from yourself. Who you are is how you feel, how you love, how you express your empathy.  If you define yourself by how successful you are or by life goals, that is a shallow path. Don’t you think your energy would be better focussed on soul matter? Being a better person. Helping others in need, etc.? Lif goals are great. World goals are better.


Watch for lost confidence as a result of not reaching your goal.

When you create goals, especially tough to reach goals, it can tear away your confidence. It can make you feel like nothing. When you compare yourself to people around you that seem to be reaching success and you are not, you may feel lost or like you’re floating. It is important to find your calling, yes. You should reach for the stars, absolutely. But why are you pushing yourself towards an endless street to no man’s land? Find fulfillment in what you have, and the goals will set themselves.


Life is fluid, so if you insist on making goals, be sure to revisit and reevaluate them keeping in mind your current Life state. Don’t judge yourself by how close you are to achieving a life goal, you’ll only depress yourself. Above all else, remember this one important fact, if you do make life goals, it’s not the goal that is important, it’s the difference you make in the world.

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