Why Loving Is So Important Even When It Doesn’t Last

There is no better teacher of life than love, don’t you agree? Here’s a sad truth about love, it doesn’t always last forever like the fairy tales tell us. But in one way it might. For every love that enters into your life, there are lessons to be learned. There is no love without purpose, it does not exist. The longer we remain in a romantic relationship with someone, the more we learn from our partners and the relationship as a whole.


Likewise, when we love, we bring ourselves to a deeper truth that we did not know before. We give and receive and become better beings of light as a result. That said, let’s dive into how loving others teach us to be better people and bearers of light.


Why Loving Is So Important


Loving teaches us how to feel deeply

Loving is an act or a state of being in which we feel deeply connected to another source of life. It allows us to penetrate the surface of emotion and delve deep into our souls. It’s the only way love is possible. In the process, we become more self-aware, more in tune with our emotions, and able to feel more deeply than we were before.


Loving connects us to a higher source of light

Because we can feel deeper when we love, our hearts become more open to a positive light source that nourishes the soul. We are all connected through our ability to love and be loved. It is is a powerful source that can help us do great things when our hearts are open to it.


Loving teaches us who we are

Love can act much like a mirror. We learn from our romantic partners what we look like to other people and who our external selves are. We then decide if we like that person or if we must change to be better people. Loving teaches us who we are and gives us the desire to be better.


Loving teaches us how to overcome fear

In order to love, you must first let go of all your fear because love is the absence of fear. There is no room for fear in a loving heart. When you can let go of fear, amazing things start happening in your life.


Loving teaches us forgiveness- those who choose to love inevitably will suffer the pain of a broken heart at one point or another. Loved ones leave, let us down, or worse of all, pass away. Anger and resentment abide, but when you love enough you will learn how to forgive.


Loving teaches us empathy

Last year we published a blog all about the importance of empathy in the world. Empathy is a quality many are lacking today. Luckily, when we love, we almost always experience empathy for the person we are so deeply connected to. We cannot stand to see them in pain or in suffering. We learn how to be empathetic. A skill that can be applied to many facets of life.


Loving is the single most important emotion in a human life. It is enough to sustain the spirit. It can carry you through the toughest of times. Perhaps that is why so many great stories focus on love. Remember, keep on loving. Spread the joy! If it ends, the struggle was worth it even if it doesn’t seem like it at the time.

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