What Dominant Emotion Do You Lead With?

We have all kinds of emotions that rule our world.  But when we are in the presence of others or surrounded by nothing but the silence of ourselves, do you tend to lead with a dominant emotion?  ‘Emotion’, encompasses a wide range of feelings, behaviors, and shifts in the mind and body.  According to psychologist, Richard Plutchick, there are 8 basic emotions.


These 8 emotions are fear, anger, sadness, joy, disgust, surprise, trust and anticipation.  Broken down you could use other words, like hate, anxiety, depression, happiness or sadness.

Fear – Fear is an emotional response to what we perceive as danger and is a response to a negative stimulus.  Fear keeps us from functioning well in many circumstances.


Anger – Anger is brought to the surface from experiences of negligence, injustice, humiliation, betrayal or conflict.Anger can be expressed in an active form towards another or in a passive form that is held inside.  Holding in anger can only make it worse later.

Sadness – Sadness is necessarily related to a feeling of loss and disadvantage.  Sadness can often lead to depression if not dealt with.


Joy – Joy is equated with happiness and feelings of inner peace, love, contentment and overall safety.  Joy is an expression of all things positive.  Every time I hear the word joy, my face lights up.  Just the word itself brings joy.


Surprise –  You know what surprise looks like.  The eyebrows raise, the mouth drops open, the eyes widen all from an unexpected result.  And as a side note, we know what happens with broken expectations…disappointment. And without having to define disgust, trust, and anticipation, I am sure you all know what they feel like.


What type of feeling do these words bring out in you?  When you are faced with a new experience or situation, what emotion comes up for you?   Fear could completely debilitate us from ever making a decision in certain situations, whereas, feelings of joy may encompass the entire situation and allow for infinite possibilities.
TAKE THE QUIZ BELOW by Clicking “LET’S PLAY” to find out what dominant emotion you tend to lead within most circumstances.


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