Recurring Problems Means It’s Time To Make A Change

Have you ever been in a situation where there is an issue or problem in your life that seems to follow you wherever you go? How about a problem that you had in a previous relationship that seems to have manifested once again in your new one? This is an all too common scenario that people find themselves in. What they don’t realize is that the problem is not coming from external sources as they may think, but the problem is coming from within themselves.


Recurring problems that you are having could be a message from the universe (or yourself) that it is time to make a change. A soul change or change deep within that will affect your life in a positive way.


Problems that follow you around may be problems you’ve been carrying.

 When you stop and look around at your reoccurring problems, the best thing to do is identify a common thread. What do all of the scenarios have in common? Chances are the recurring occurrence is you. You are the common thread. You are the common denominator. So often it is the problems that travel that are the problems you are manifesting in your own life.  


Recognizing a negative or recurring pattern in your life is the first step towards change.

When you recognize a problem that is reoccurring in your life, this could actually be a good thing. This could be the first step towards a change that will better your life for good.  In fact, it is the first step in changing your life for the better. Once you realize the problem lies within you, then you know where to start the self-work.


Problems you’ve been carrying are not really problems,  but opportunities for important life lessons.

It is at this point that you can recognize that the problems you’ve been carrying from place to place are not really problems at all, but a message from the universe that there is something wrong within you that needs to be addressed. This is actually an opportunity for a life lesson. A life lesson that will make you a better person in the end. Once you start seeing these problems as opportunities to change and become thankful for the change that will bring about a better life for you, then you will be on your way to a better life worth living.


In the end, it’s how we view the world and the things and people around us that decide what kind of life we are going to live. We all have choices. We can choose to live a life full of problems, or we can identify why we are having those problems and make the effort to change them. We can be thankful for the problems. We can find the good in all the bad if we work just a little bit harder to love ourselves and open our hearts to a more positive way of living. On that note, we wish you well on your journey to a brighter place.

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