Relax and Enjoy Your Life

Do you know how to relax and enjoy life or are you constantly stressed out?

Life is short and the last thing we want to do is spend it in fits of panic, worry, or depression. Yet, we tend to stress out about everything. We stress about money. We stress out about not having enough time. We stress and by doing so we waste the precious time we have been given. This article is for those of you who stress too much and end up watching time pass you by as a result. It’s time to relax and enjoy life.

The first thing to do in order eliminate stress is to determine exactly where the stress is coming from. What is bothering you? Are you overwhelmed? Perhaps you have too much housework and deep inside you know you’ll never be able to keep up with it all, so you stress. Perhaps your schedule is so busy you don’t even have time to recharge your own battery. Maybe things aren’t going so well with your significant other and the sadness is leaking into other areas of your life. Whatever it is, it’s something and the first step to solving any problem is going back to determine the roots of that problem.

Once you know where your source of stress is coming from then you can take the necessary steps of dealing with one stress to a time. Whereas before you were looking at the entire picture, so the stress you were feeling was being transposed onto everything, now you are looking at the smaller pictures and realizing that the stress is not everywhere, but maybe coming from one or two places.

Now that you’ve determined what is causing your upset and stress, you can deal with it. Instead of focusing on all aspects of your life, focus on one thing at a time. Write a journal, go for a walk, talk to a friend. Whatever it is, make it a problem-solving strategy of how you can deal with your stress.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Is the cause of the stress within your control?
  2. Is the stress caused by an element that can be eliminated from your life?
  3. Can the stress be decreased by the help of another?

Let’s talk about the first question. If the stress is out of your control then it might be simply that you must come to a place of acceptance before you can decrease it. Some people become very stressed by world politics, the news, of what their next door neighbors are doing, the car is breaking down. While that’s all stress that is out of your control, there are other stressors that can be controlled, such as the situations you create by reacting from the stress.

Once you are able to determine if the stress is under your control or not, then you will be better able to eliminate the stressors that are within your control. You will be surprised at how much stress you are likely causing for yourself.

Ask yourself, how much stress can be decreased by the help of another person? If you are overwhelmed with housework, for example, it might not be a bad idea to recruit some help from friends and family. Try not to feel bad about it, you would do the same for them!

The bottom line is that life is too short to spend time stressing out constantly. If you allow stress to take over it will rob you blind. It will take away all your happy moments. It’s time to take your life back and live in the present.  Relax and enjoy your life. 

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  1. says

    I’m finding it hard to relieve stress nowadays…but I know that your points here are right

    1. Heidi Dellaire says

      One day at a time. Just finding a little time to take some extra deep breaths will help. Sending love your way.

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