Planning on Spending New Year’s Eve Alone?

Here are some thoughts about spending  New Years’ Eve alone. 

New Years’ is right around the corner. Millions of people gather together in numbers to rein in the New Year. It’s a holiday to be together and to toast with loved ones. If you have people in your life to share the New Year with, it can be an evening filled with life and hope; but, if you’re spending it alone it can be quite sad and lonely.

If that’s you, Love Wide Open is giving you a challenge. We challenge you to hang out with yourself for the night and enjoy every moment. Don’t think about the people you miss. Don’t think about the hurt people have caused or the happiness that you are lacking. Treat yourself as if you were spending the evening with a loved one… and you ARE. You are spending the holiday with yourself!

There is no written rule that says you cannot enjoy hanging out with yourself. There is no written rule that says you must be with other people to have a good time. Or that something is only worth doing if there is someone else around. This year don’t think of it as being alone, think of it as being with yourself. Here are just a few thoughts to consider:

1. This might be the last New Year you will be alone for a very long time. For real, you really have no idea where you’ll be in a year. Life comes knocking, especially when you are least expecting it to.

2. New Years alone could be an opportunity for real spiritual change or an awakening. Amazing things can happen when you are alone. Being alone can bring out a degree of inner strength that you didn’t even know you had before.

3. When you can accept the way things are and be okay with it, you achieve spiritual growth in your life, which makes you that much more ready to welcome a healthy relationship into your life.

4. Breaking free of social idealization and doing something other than the norm is liberating. Just because partying for New Year’s is a social norm doesn’t mean that you are weird for doing something different. In fact, why would you want to be a follower of social norms? Sometimes it feels great doing your own thing.

5. As we age we tend to look back on our lives and think that we wasted a lot of time with negative emotions and worry about things that have a tendency to work themselves out. Take every opportunity you’ve been given, even if that opportunity is to be alone this one night and enjoy every moment. We promise you won’t regret it.

Whatever you decide to do this New Year, remember to open your heart space and show gratitude for being alive to see another year.  We send you love and hope you send yourself the love you deserve for this new year. 

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