How to Talk to Someone with NPD (Narcissistic Personality Disorder)

Ideally, if you are faced with having to interact with a person with NPD (Narcissistic Personality Disorder), the best course of action is to dissociate yourself. Sadly, that is not always possible. If that’s the case and you are stuck with such a personality, there are a few ways you can handle talking to them that will make your interactions easier over time.


A person with NPD is wired to prey upon the weaknesses of others. If you are an emotionally weak person, it’s time to toughen up before you get sucked into the kaleidoscope world the Narcissist enjoys creating for their victims.  


Here are some tips to help you build a shield to protect you against someone with Narcissist Personality Disorder, even if you are fragile on the inside.


  1. The Narcissist must never detect your emotional state one way or the other – When the Narcissist detects your emotion, they find a way into your psyche. At that moment they have control over you. Control a person’s emotional state, control the person. For this reason, you can be broken apart on the inside by things the Narcissist has said, but they must never know.

  2. Use humor to detour the behavior – This might sound far-fetched, but believe it or not, it really works. Most Narcissists actually have an amazing sense of humor and wit. If you can appeal to that side of them enough so they are entertained, sometimes they forget about ruining your life for a while.

  3. Make it clear that their feelings are not your feelings – It might make them angry at first, but it’s important that they understand that you are able to distinguish a difference between their emotions and yours. Phrases like, “I’m sorry if you feel that way, but that’s not how I feel,” or “I hear where you’re coming from; although, that’s not how I feel,” can help get this point across.

  4. Don’t be naive – You can never trust a Narcissist. They will always hurt you and never change. But don’t be naive. Hold steady to what you know is true. The Narcissist is a great actor. When it comes to luring people in, they are incredibly convincing. Don’t be fooled by their good behavior. They are only trying to break you down to control you and get what they want from you, which almost always comes at an expense you have to pay.


In the end, there is no ideal situation when talking to a person with Narcissistic Personality Disorder. The most important thing to remember is never to let down your guard. This person must never know how you are feeling or that what they say affects you in any way. At first, they might see this as a challenge, but rest assured, if you stand your ground, they will give up and move on to an easier target. Ideally, you want to avoid communication, but when you can’t, try executing these tips and let us know how it goes. Good luck!

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  1. Nita says

    no not me. I’m a kind and loving person. My compassion is my best trait

  2. Paula says

    My son sounds so much like this. He says I never have done anything for him his whole life. Accusing me of everything. What makes him this way??

  3. Unknown says

    I’m married to one and it is so hard.

    1. Heidi Dellaire says

      I imagine that this extremely difficult for you. Sending lots of love.

  4. erick says

    how to make them feel sorry and felt conscience ?

    1. Heidi Dellaire says

      There is no way to talk to a narcissist that will make them feel sorry or have a conscience. It’s not in their playbook.

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