How to Rid Yourself of Procrastination in 5 Easy Steps

Procrastination is something that we all experience at one time or another. It can be extremely detrimental, especially when you are on a time crunch. It is all too easy to go down the path of procrastination. After all, there’s always so much more we’d rather be doing.


In the long run, procrastination not only will get in the way of you completing your life goals, but it can get in the way of you living your life as well. That said here is five easy steps to rid yourself of procrastination starting right now.


5 Steps Rid Yourself of Procrastination:


1. Don’t look at the whole picture

When you look at the entire picture of things that need to get done, it can be extremely overwhelming. It is that feeling of being overwhelmed that prevents us from starting in the first place. Try not to look at the whole picture. Instead, break your tasks into smaller groups and work on them one to a time.

2. Write a to-do list and work on one item to a time

That brings us to the next category, which is to write it a to-do list. This helps you break down your items into smaller tasks that can be completed one at a time. In the end it will cut back on the stress of seeing everything that needs to be done all at once.

3. Don’t fall into the distraction trap

It’s so easy to fall into the trap of distraction. There’s so many things to do, so many things that you’d like to do besides what you have to do. It’s easy to get sucked into TV or Facebook. Have you ever said I’m going to just sit down and watch one show, and then end up sitting there for the entire day? Instead, try getting your tasks completed first and then rewarding yourself with what you really want to do after.

4. Set Yourself up with a completion rewards system

Set yourself up with a nice reward for after you complete your tasks for the day. When you complete the project projects that need to be completed, you reward yourself for the effort. Think about what you would most want and that when you complete the project you will be able to have that and you will see, the project will go much faster for you.

5. Remind Yourself what your project means to you

Last but not least, remind yourself why you are doing these things in the first place. What is it that you’re procrastinating from? Is it from cleaning your house? If so remind yourself why it’s important to have a clean house. Are you doing it because it makes you feel better inside, are you doing it for your family, whatever the reason is that it’s important to you to have a clean house keep that in perspective. This can be applied to any project that needs to be done. Sometimes when we think about what’s really important, difficult things become much easier.

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