How To Overcome Self-Doubt And Why You Should

Leaving behind your self-doubt can have a greater impact on your life than you may realize. In fact, have you asked yourself this very important question? For what reason do you doubt yourself? 9 Times out 10, the answer is the same: fear.


What is it that you are afraid of? Are you afraid of succeeding? Why? What’s holding you back? Are you afraid if you put yourself out there, you won’t be good enough? Perhaps you think your inner critic makes you better at what you want to do.


Self-doubt is, with the exception of psychopaths, present in everybody. Like negative thought cycles, it pops up from time to time (or for some ALL the time). The secret is not to let it get to you. You must learn to let go and move on to healthier thinking patterns.


Once you achieve this then you will free the spirit because doubt and worry and fear holds the spirit captive. When the spirit is captive it does not soar to its full potential. Anything that you truly want to accomplish is prevented as a result.


Are you ready to move on from your self-doubt worry?


Here’s what you need to do!


Acknowledge the fear.

By now you have discovered that your self-doubt is rooted in fear. If you want to kill the doubt, maybe it’s time to remove the soil of which it is nourished. Ask yourself what it is that you are afraid of? Now imagine that fear comes true and ask yourself, is the end scenario worth the sacrifice? If the answer is no, then perhaps the doubt has held you back necessarily and it’s time to let go of that dream. If, however, the answer is yes it’s worth it, then it’s time to let go of the fear and shut off the inner critic.


Shut off the inner critic.

Yes, you read it right. Once you have acknowledged the fear, then it is time to shut off the inner critic? How so? By contradicting everything that it says and discrediting the voice from a logical standpoint. If the inner critic tells you are bad at something, you say something like, “actually that is not the case and the critic is lying to you out of fear.” If you follow every thought of doubt you have with this logic, eventually, the inner critic will remain silent.


Stop using “I can’t” as an excuse.

Have you ever hear the story of Bloody Mary? They say if you look in the mirror and chant Bloody Mary enough times, you will turn into her. Well, this may be a child’s game, there is some truth here. When you tell yourself something enough times, that something often comes true. If you say you can’t, then you can’t. Fear will tell you can’t. The inner critic will tell you if you try, you’ll fail. Acknowledge the fear, shut off the inner critic and break the habit of telling yourself you can’t and do it anyway!


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